Giveaway: Custom Nursing Necklace from Monkey Mama Necklaces $19 ARV {1.3, Worldwide} CLOSED

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Monkey Mama Necklaces is offering our readers a giveaway of a custom nursing necklace, a value of $19.

Monkey Mama nursing necklaces are made with beautiful, fairly traded, and nontoxic handmade resin beads. This sophisticated and safe jewelry is perfect for busting twiddling while feeding babies or toddlers.

From our reviewer, Jenn at Monkey Butt Junction:

I was so happy when I was asked to review a nursing necklace from Monkey Mama Necklaces, and not just because we “monkey” mamas need to stick together: a nursing necklace was one of those luxuries that I never indulged in when I was nursing my son, but now having seen its utility for breastfeeding and beyond, I’m not sure why I counted it as a “luxury” rather than a necessity.

My son likes to get his fingers into things. If there’s something to grab, poke, twiddle, or twist, he’s all over it. I learned that the hard way when he was about eight weeks old: he yanked on a necklace I was wearing and sent about a million seed beads scattering all over my dining room. At the time, I knew that a nursing necklace was probably a good idea, but I wasn’t thrilled with the prices or the styles of any I had seen. I only wish I had seen Monkey Mama’s necklaces at the time.

There is a lot to like about these necklaces: As the photos show, they are absolutely beautiful. I chose a style with “twiddle buster” beads (more on that later) but Monkey Mama offers a variety of styles and colors, so there is something for everyone. The necklace cord is a strong, safe cotton fiber and the resin beads are child-safe. The beads are handcrafted in by a small Indonesian craft business and ethically traded.

The brilliance of the Monkey Mama necklaces is the “twiddle busters” – the beads that little fingers can turn and fiddle with while they nurse or snuggle. My son was immediately drawn to the big, colorful beads and immediately took to the task of turning them, examining them, and, well, “twiddling” them.

While Monkey Mama bills these as “nursing necklaces,” I have to say that they are much more than that. They are elegant enough that I can wear my necklace to work in a professional office environment. They offer a wonderful distraction for a little one who always has to have his hands in whatever mama is doing at the time – I found that wearing my necklace while carrying my son in the Babyhawk carrier meant that he was content in the carrier longer because he had something to do.



You can purchase your own nursing necklace at Monkey Mama Necklaces. Prices start around $16.00.

And just for Natural Parents Network and Monkey Butt Junction readers, Monkey Mama Necklaces is giving a 10% discount on all orders from now through January 10th. Enter code NPN10 during the ordering process.


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Information About Our Reviewer:

Jenn Collins writes about natural parenting, green living and fitness at Monkey Butt Junction.

43 Responses to Giveaway: Custom Nursing Necklace from Monkey Mama Necklaces $19 ARV {1.3, Worldwide} CLOSED

  1. TopHat  

    I love the blue and green twiddle buster pendant! So much twiddling over here!

  2. France Irish C

    I would love to wear that lovely necklace.. 🙂

  3. Callie Swanlund

    Recently entered the twiddly stage with my 11.5 month old! Would love one of these, especially the green twiddle buster pendant (!

  4. Szabina L

    I love the Purple and Black Star Pendant

  5. Jessica Gilbert

    i like the Nursing Necklace – Green Non Toxic Resin Babywearing/Breastfeeding Necklace -Twiddle Buster Pendant

  6. Jessica Gilbert

    this will be great for me and my 10 month old!

  7. Sarah Jane  

    If I won this necklace, it would either be for me or my SIL.

  8. Erin  

    I want them all! I think the sage green/chocolate brown “twiddle buster” is my favorite, though. If only I could be sure she’d be willing to substitute twiddling it instead of me…

  9. Erin  

    I’m hoping both I and my nursing pinching toddler will enjoy it!

  10. Adrienne

    I love all of the necklaces on the site, but especially the resin one!

  11. Tanya Hebert  

    I like the Nursing Necklace -Blue, Green Spectrum

  12. Amy B  

    Love the Resin Nursing Necklace Non Toxic Pregnancy Fertility ‘Twiddle Buster’ Pendant -Monkey Mama- Chocolate Brown

  13. brooke t  

    Resin Nursing Necklace -Blue, Green, White- Non Toxic Nursing/Babywearing Chunky Necklace -Monkey Mama- Mama

  14. Susie

    I like the funky resin necklace.

  15. Susie

    If I won, this would be for me and my 3 month old. I haven’t worn any necklaces for 6 years since I nursed my firstborn and she broke a necklace I was wearing.

  16. Brumby

    I learned I really want one!

  17. mamapoekie  

    absolutely love the green white aqua resin beads necklace

  18. mamapoekie  

    The necklace would be for me and my soon to be newborn (due date was today 🙂 )

  19. Heather Swartz

    I would love the Resin Nursing Necklace Non Toxic Pregnancy Fertility ‘Twiddle Buster’ Pendant -Monkey Mama- Blue, Turquoise and Fuschia Pink. I think it is absolutely between, and would work great to occupy my sons hands while he is sitting in my lap (right now he likes to put his hands down my shirt).