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28 Responses to Giveaway: MotherMoonPads Cloth Menstrual Pads $27 ARV {9.28; Worldwide} CLOSED

  1. Amy  

    Hey, ladies. I visited Mother Moon and like all of the offerings. I like that she hand dyes many of them and provides both winged, and non-winged. I prefer winged. 🙂

  2. debbie m

    i really like the 8″ pantyliner with wings!

  3. Jessica Gilbert

    i like the hand-dyed pads

  4. Hannah Gardner  

    I love the 12″ Fruit Salad heavy flow mama cloth 🙂
    hrhersch at yahoo dot com

  5. Jennifer  

    I’m quite taken with the 10″ normal flow pads with owls.

  6. Dino Rock Mom

    I like the 10″ Pink Guitars heavy flow mama cloth!

  7. lace  

    i like the 8″ hand dyed velour pantyliners.

  8. Nicole Bartlett

    I love the 10″ normal flow with the owls! So pretty!

  9. Stephanie Leger

    I visited the Mother Moon Pads website and really like this one.
    Absorbency: Normal Flow
    Quantity: 1
    Length: 8″
    Absorbent Core: Zorb
    Topping: cotton velour Please note, this looks black in the picture, but it’s actually navy blue
    Backing: Anti-pill polyester fleece

  10. Stephanie Leger

    I have learned that there are multiple options, depending on your flows, and that you can get facecloths and nursing pads (wish I knew about this a long time ago! So cool and funky!)

  11. Lydia Fredin  

    I like 8″ wingless velour cloth pantyliners

  12. Jessi

    Panda heavy flow is my fav, also love the nursing pads 🙂

  13. EricaW

    I love the Ultimate Postpartum pads!

  14. Amylynn

    My favorites are the heavy flow in any of the dyed velours!

  15. Sarah Hull  

    My favorite is the 12″ Pandas heavy flow mama cloth and the 12″ Postpartum mama cloth in the flower print!

  16. Katrina Hanley

    My favorite was:
    12″ Rock, Paper, Scissors heavy flow mama cloth (sold individually)


  17. helena

    I like the sushi print! I have been using cloth since menarche and need to refresh my stash for when I start menstruating again.
    helena {at} studio32 {dot} com

  18. Colleen P  

    Thanks for the helpful review. I think the pink panda bear print is great!