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My Brest Friend breastfeeding full kit spread out
My Brest Friend is offering our readers a giveaway of a My Brest Friend breastfeeding support kit! This fabulous prize pack includes:

  • My Brest Friend Original Nursing Pillow with new Slipcover attached
  • My Brest Friend Travel Nursing Pillow with Slipcover
  • My Brest Friend Adjustable Wooden Nursing Stool
  • My Brest Friend Nursing Cover
  • 3 bottles of My Brest Friend Supplements:
    • Breastfeeding Essentials multi vitamin/mineral plus DHA
    • Lemon Fish Oil
    • Fenugreek for increasing milk supply

Can you believe the generosity? This is an amazing pillow, and with all the add-ons, the total value of this prize package comes to over $150!

Awhile ago, I wrote an overview of various nursing pillows that particularly highlighted the two I had personally used, one of which was the My Brest Friend. I contacted My Brest Friend and asked if they’d be interested in doing a giveaway, seeing as I already used and enjoyed their product. They did me one better and sent me this whole kit to review, and promised another duplicate set to give away to one lucky reader!

Original Nursing Pillow

My Brest Friend breastfeeding nursing pillow in packagingA nursing pillow helps with breastfeeding positioning, particularly in the early weeks and months. To prevent strain on the back or pain in latching, the baby’s mouth should be at breast height, and it’s usually easiest to get a good latch with a newborn when the baby’s turned sideways in a tummy-to-tummy position with the mama. The problem is, our laps are much lower than our breasts (well, depends, I guess! But let’s go with that…), so it’s hard to position a newborn or other small baby high enough so that the baby’s mouth isn’t pulling down the breast or the mama isn’t hunching her shoulders to bring herself down to the baby’s level. Enter: the nursing pillow.

My Brest Friend breastfeeding pillow with nursing toddler

This is mostly a joke photo, because once your baby's big and old enough to sit up and have good neck control, you'll find a nursing pillow less and less needful. As you can see, though, even a very large baby can fit on this pillow top! You can see the little pocket in front for stashing goodies.

What I really appreciate about My Brest Friend pillows in particular is that they’re flat. As someone corrected me in the comments to my previous post on the pillow array, there are two bumps on top of the My Brest Friend that help raise the baby’s head a bit further at those two strategic locations to aid in eating and digestion. But what I meant was, this pillow is flat across, not rounded at the edges like the Boppy (to name the other most popular nursing pillow). If you ever had trouble with your baby rolling off the edges of a curved nursing pillow, the My Brest Friend will make you happy. It’s more of a shelf-like surface, and the size of the ledge is nice and generous so that even a big baby can hang out there.

The pillow is made of a recyclable foam that is quite firm so your baby won’t sink in. It’s not uncomfortable by any means, but My Brest Friend posits it might help your baby stay awake longer to eat, which can be a good thing for those groggy newborns.

The pillow wraps around you entirely and buckles with an adjustable strap so it will stay in place instead of shifting as you position your baby. The flat sides allow you to snug the pillow close to your tummy so there’s no gap in between you and the pillow for the baby to roll into. The sides allow your arms a place to rest, and the back features a back support to help keep your posture upright as you nurse. Depending on how you sit, this might or might not be comfortable for you. I tried it again, and it felt pretty cozy to me. It didn’t let the top of your back rest against the back of the chair, but the foam is firm enough to support you if you want to lean into it.

My Brest Friend breastfeeding pillow waist strap

You can see how the pillow wraps around you and secures with the strap. You can also see how shelf-like the top is and how it fits snugly to your torso. I was having a little trouble positioning it over my pregnant bump (no, I'm not as far along as I look; no comments from the peanut gallery), but the good news is the pillow still fit even with the extra in my midsection. The strap expands to fit up to a 44-inch waist, which is good to note for postpartum tummies and plus-size caregivers.

Once it’s strapped on, you can theoretically walk around with it attached, though there is a warning on the tag that says not to use it standing up. I think you could carefully stand, though, while supporting your baby with your arms to transfer her to a safe sleeping environment. Just a safety note: No nursing pillows are intended for babies to sleep on, since there could be a suffocation danger, particularly if the parent isn’t alert.

There’s a little pocket that hangs down to one side in front and secures with hook-and-loop tape. You could stash a lip balm, the TV remote, a book, your cell phone, a water bottle — not all at once, mind you, but one or two things to keep you happily occupied while your baby feeds, or items you might use for the baby, such as a burp cloth or nursing necklace.

My Brest Friend breastfeeding pillow back support

This is the firm foam back support.

Anyway, I was happy to be reacquainted with the My Brest Friend. I’d liked the hand-me-down I had from Mikko’s newborn days, but this new pattern with the polka dots really makes my heart go zing. The slipcover is a sturdy 100% cotton, zips on, and can be removed easily for machine washing.

I was equally impressed by the other items My Brest Friend sent me.

Adjustable Nursing Stool

My Brest Friend breastfeeding nursing stoolA nursing stool, I think, is one of the most undersung pieces of nursing furniture. Most families could afford one (or could find a hand-me-down), but most don’t because they don’t appreciate their full value. Let me just say, then, that I love my nursing stool, and so I’m very glad to see this quality adjustable nursing stool from My Brest Friend. It puts your feet at the appropriate, slightly tilted angle for nursing. In most chairs, your thighs (i.e., lap) tilt slightly forward as your feet reach toward the ground. With a proper nursing stool, your knees are raised so that your thighs are lifted and tilted toward your body, making your lap higher and more stable to hold your nursing infant. Now, instead of having to keep your baby from rolling off your lap, your baby will naturally turn into your breast. Trust me, it makes nursing so much more comfortable!

My Brest Friend breastfeeding nursing stool preschooler helping

Mikko helps me assemble the stool wrong. Clearly I should not be let loose with an allen wrench.

The My Brest Friend stool is made of a lovely light-colored wood with a nice sheen and grain to it. It has non-skid strips on the top. It comes unassembled, and there was my one downfall — I had the worst time putting it together! It didn’t help that one of the supplies was mislabeled on the instructions, but besides that, I put four pieces on the wrong way before I figured that out and had to redo them. (All that allen wrenching for nothing!) That was mostly user error, of course, the same sort of user error that makes Ikea purchases such an adventure, but what was truly perplexing was the four small screws that needed to hold the hinge in place. There were tiny pre-drilled holes, but the wood was really hard to screw them into, and the screws were too small for our power drivers to fit. Sam and I had to take turns turning them in by hand and never did get some of them flush, though good enough to hold. If you’re more carpentry-minded, maybe you won’t have these issues!

Anyway, once assembled, the stool is a treat. It adjusts with wooden-tipped thumb screws (as in, you don’t need a screwdriver), so you can choose the height on a whim. There are two tilted modes and then one flat one. I think this is what really sets the My Brest Friend stool apart from the nursing stool crowd, because it transforms into a child’s step-stool! Nursing furniture that will actually get some use past the infant days is always a plus.

My Brest Friend breastfeeding nursing stool feet resting

Tilted for nursing

My Brest Friend breastfeeding preschooler stepping on nursing stool

Flat for a step stool

Inflatable Travel Pillow

My Brest Friend breastfeeding travel pillow clasp

The travel pillow is only a small roll but inflates to a full-size My Brest Friend with all the features of the Original, and it includes a cotton slipcover.

This is an ingenious idea: an inflatable rubber nursing pillow for travel! Deflated, the pillow is a small roll, with the removable (and included) slipcover a small roll beside it. But inflated, it’s the same size as the Original Nursing Pillow — perhaps a tad less height, but otherwise just as ample.

Inflating it didn’t take overly long. You can inflate it to your desired level of firmness. I recommend underinflating it before wrestling on the slipcover. I tried to put it on when it was full, and I had a fight on my hands. So keep the air pressure a little soft and pull on the slipcover, zipping it most of the way, and then finish any final inflation and zipping.

My Brest Friend breastfeeding travel pillow newborn

I decided to show you what a smaller baby might look like on the pillow! You can see you have room to rest your arms as you support your baby (and/or doll).

The travel pillow would be quite cozy for an airplane ride (breastfeeding through flights = very good travel tip) and for using on vacation when your usual pillow won’t fit in your suitcase. Even if you weren’t traveling, it would also be handy to stash in your diaper bag if you needed a nursing pillow while you were out and about. Now, it might be too much huffing and puffing to use for just a half-hour here and there, but I still think it would be a comfort item for any occasion in which it would be helpful to have a nursing pillow but onerous to lug along a foam version.

I wouldn’t, however, use the travel pillow as my at-home pillow. I think the foam is more comfortable and breathable than the rubber of the inflatable one. It’s nice that the travel version included the features of the full-size one, though, like the wraparound design, the back support, the buckle, and the pocket.

Nursing Cover

My Brest Friend breastfeeding nursing cover peering down

No one will see what's going on but you.

Full disclosure: Testing this one out was my very first time ever using a nursing cover. I tried a blanket draped over my shoulder once when Mikko was a newborn, and when the wind caught it and started waving it around like a flag, I knew I was done with covers after only that first try. That’s just my preference, as I know I can breastfeed discreetly and comfortably (as in, to my personal discretion and comfort level) without one.

But I know lots of breastfeeding parents who can’t live without them, so I tried this one out to let you know what I think!

First of all, it’s really long and wide, so it will cover everything. It can be used in conjunction with the My Brest Friend pillow. The cover I had was an appealing navy print, and I get the impression that all the designs are opaque so there’s no peekaboo action happening.

My Brest Friend breastfeeding cover with hand

That didn't last long. The Toddler Hand of Doom emerges from the wired neck.

The fabric is a durable 100% cotton. I found it a little stiff, but maybe that’s something that softens in the wash, or maybe that’s a plus with covers, since it won’t drape as closely over your baby.

There’s a neck strap that adjusts and buckles, and there’s a wired opening at the top that bows out from your neck so you can look down and see your sweet nursling’s face but no one else can.

Mikko let me try it out for, oh, round about 30 seconds, but we managed to snap a couple pictures before the inevitable happened (much like Code Name: Mama’s hilarious experience). Since this is a very nice nursing cover, I intend to gift it to a friend who plans to use one.

Breastfeeding Supplements

My Brest Friend breastfeeding supplements new designI tried out the multi-vitamin and -mineral capsules and the fish oil softgels. I haven’t tried the fenugreek yet, because fenugreek is a galactogogue, intended to increase milk supply. When I first started testing the supplements, I was merely breastfeeding a toddler; now I’m pregnant and breastfeeding a toddler. In the first case I didn’t feel fenugreek was necessary for me; in the second, fenugreek isn’t recommended during pregnancy. But, I do intend to try them out once this second baby is born, to see if it helps boost my milk supply in those early days. You can do your own research on this, but my impression is that fenugreek is a safe and accepted natural way to boost milk supply when needed. The recommended dose is two capsules three times a day, so six total, which is what Kellymom also recommends, and an increase should be noticed within one to three days. After milk supply is established, you can stop taking fenugreek, so one bottle (100 capsules) should be enough for most.

My Brest Friend breastfeeding supplements one time

A morning's dose of 2 multis and 2 fish oils.

So, enough on what I didn’t use. On to what I did. The Breastfeeding Essentials multi capsules (120 per bottle) were absolutely fine. You’re supposed to take four per day, so theoretically two in the morning and two at night. The fish oil capsules (100 softgels per bottle) also went down easily. The recommended dose was a somewhat perplexing one to six capsules daily. I split the difference and went with three or four per day, again taken twice a day to increase absorption.

Even in early pregnancy with morning sickness, I didn’t notice any ill effects from either supplement. The smoothness of the capsules and softgels made them easy to swallow, and I always took them after a meal so my stomach wasn’t empty. I had no stomach complaints or fishy burps. The multi capsules are vegetarian. The fish oil, obviously, is not.

The multi seems to have more of a lot of items than my other prenatals have, which is interesting. I don’t see any warning flags, though I’m not at all an expert on supplements. I’ve chosen, now that my bottle’s empty and I’m pregnant, to try out a couple whole foods versions of a prenatal multi instead (based on the idea that the body might better be able to utilize the nutrients than in a synthetic version). I also know there are conflicting studies on whether supplements are beneficial or not. That said, I feel like these capsules are just as good if not better than the prenatals commonly found in drugstores and have no problem recommending them for anyone who is nursing. The company says they’re not intended as prenatals specifically (that is, for pregnant women) but rather for postnatal lactation support. I like that they’ve been formulated with the specific needs of breastfeeding mamas in mind.

The fish oil is lemon flavored, though I’m not sure why, since you just swallow the softgels. I guess it keeps them from tasting really fishy as they go down, which I do appreciate, since I’m no seafood fan. One thing that really concerns me in fish oil supplements is the purity of the ingredients, particularly the mercury level of the fish, so I appreciated this reassurance printed on the label:

“Molecular distillation processing and specialized refining technologies yield an ultra-pure fish oil concentrate. Each batch is independently tested for mercury, pesticides, and PCBs to assure exceptional oil purity.”

Again, I think this sets these supplements above the common fish oil supplements found in drugstores, where the purity of the fish used might not be as aboveboard.

Other products

My Brest Friend Twins Plus Pillow

Twins Plus Pillow

One of my quibbles with the My Brest Friend Original Pillow is that it might not be a good fit for plus-sized parents. While the strap is adjustable up to a 44-inch waist, the back support won’t fit square across the back if the strap is pulled too loose. I was glad to see, then, that My Brest Friend now offers a Twins Plus version of the pillow that says it features “extra comfort and support for twins and plus sizes.” I haven’t tried it, but it’s good to keep in mind for plus sizes and for multiples.

There’s also an organic version of 100% cotton and bamboo, and a professional version if you’re a lactation consultant or birth assistant who wants an anti-microbial vinyl pillow that wipes down easily after each use. I think this would be a great nursing pillow to have on hand when counseling new or future breastfeeding mamas. You can also buy a deluxe version that apparently has plusher fabric and an easier hook-and-loop strap attachment. If you want to snaz up your pillow, there are slipcovers in various patterns. There’s also a reflux pillow to angle your baby with the head much higher than the feet if reflux is an issue or you want a non-wraparound version to be gentle on a C-section scar.

Other considerations

Just a few more things.

A couple potential negatives: The foam in the nursing pillow is treated with fire retardants. The chemical used is anti-blaze V6, which is PBDE-free and one of the safer fire retardants on the market. Using the chemical on the foam is unfortunately required by law. The slipcover offers a level of protection between the baby and the foam, but I just wanted to let you know in case you’re opposed to any fire retardants. Also, the products are mostly made in China, but I don’t happen to know under what conditions. It might be perfectly fine, but I wanted to be upfront about that.

A couple wholehearted positives. It is refreshing to see a company so committed to breastfeeding My Brest Friend nursing on pillowsupport. My Brest Friend is on Best for Babes’ list of corporate partners, and I appreciate their commitment to upholding the WHO Code. All the literature presented with the My Brest Friend products was breastfeeding friendly, featuring a lovely model modestly yet openly nursing a young baby. The pillow included illustrated instructions for how to make latching on enjoyable and successful, which must be a huge encouragement and help to any mother who’s just given birth and is opening up her pillow and wondering where to start.

As I said, My Brest Friend upholds the WHO Code and doesn’t promote bottle feeding through enticing words or images. That said, you absolutely can use these pillows when bottle feeding, and My Brest Friend endorses them for that purpose as well. The support they offer is invaluable to any baby being fed, whether by bottle or at the breast. This means that any caregiver can use them.

Finally, the My Brest Friend pillow is proclaimed the #1 recommendation of lactation consultants. Since I love me some lactation consultants, that means a lot in my book!

All in all, I’m so happy with my new My Brest Friend paraphernalia I get to use (again) with my coming baby, and I’m confident you’ll be happy with any of it, too!


You can buy My Brest Friend products online at Amazon, Babies R Us, Nursing Mother Supplies, Destination Maternity, Target, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond,, and others, as well as local retail stores. The My Brest Friend logoMy Brest Friend Store Locator will help you look by address in the United States and internationally.

The My Brest Friend Original Pillow retails at $42 but is on sale at Amazon for $39.95 at the time of this writing and eligible for free Super Saver Shipping. Extra slipcovers are $17 (on sale for $14.49). The inflatable travel pillow (with slipcover included) is regularly $28, on sale for $19.99. The deluxe version is $44.99 (on sale for $39.22 to $44.88 – woot! — depending on pattern), and the Twins Plus Nursing Pillow is $76, on sale for $69.53. The Adjustable Nursing Stool is $34, currently at a generous sale price of $24. I haven’t been able to find the supplements priced or sold online, because I think they’ve only recently been released. You could check local or online stores later if you’re interested.


My Brest Friend breastfeeding kit stacked

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