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WILL TRAVEL special event: I am featuring a few special travel items for review and giveaway that I was able to use on my trip with my three-year-old son and eight-year-old niece this summer. If you win, you’ll have your items in time for December holiday travel or Christmas gifts!

Grow Smart Games My Pocket Games with markerGrow Smart Games is offering our readers a giveaway of winner’s choice of either a set of My Pocket Games or an I Spy Sensory Stick!

Grow Smart Games is a wonderful Etsy shop that exclusively features these two fun and entertaining, hand-crafted toys. The games promote learning, help children strengthen skills, and provide opportunities for interacting with others. Grow Smart Games believes that simple, old-fashioned games are still the best!

If you choose the I SPY SENSORY STICK (picture below), you’ll receive a fun toy made of approximately 9″ of clear heavy tubing, sealed at the ends and filled with Polybead pellets and 20 hidden items. As your child turns and shakes the tube, different hidden items emerge from between the pellets. A laminated list of hidden items is attached by ribbon. The I Spy Sensory Stick is recommended particularly for younger children and toddlers though can be enjoyed by children of all ages.

Grow Smart Games I Spy Sensory Stick

If you choose the MY POCKET GAMES, you’ll get a pack of six laminated cards attached to a ring, along with a secured mini dry-erase marker to use that easily wipes off each page. Each card Grow Smart Games My Pocket Games boardshas a simple and fun game on one side, instructions on the opposite:

  • Hangman — guess the other player’s word before the hangman is complete
  • The Alphabet Game — check off items you spy that start with each letter
  • Tic Tac Toe — three familiar boards for Xs and Os
  • Pipes — try not to run into each other as you draw lines
  • Dots and Boxes — compete to see how many boxes contain your initial
  • Make Your Own Game — a blank page to encourage extra creativity

Grow Smart Games My Pocket Games instructionsThe My Pocket Games is recommended for older children who can enjoy the games and was a huge hit with my eight-year-old niece, although even a three-year-old will love scribbling on the pages, as I found out! You might be able to direct a version of The Alphabet Game with a younger child as well.

I (Lauren) was able to test out both of these items in extreme conditions: namely, a beach vacation where it rained pretty much the whole week. Mikko used the I Spy Sensory Stick on the airplane, and both he and my niece used it in the cottage where we were marooned. In a restaurant with a looong wait for service, my niece and I kept each other entertained with rounds of My Pocket Games, and since then I’ve kept it handy for Mikko to draw on at will. He gets a kick out of having a “book” to write all over. Either of these toys would be great for keeping kids happily entertained during travel, a stint in a waiting room, restaurant outings, public transportation, or visits to relatives who would like something quiet and gentle to do with kids, such as at Grandma’s house. (At least, such is the case with Mikko’s grandmas.)

My take on the I Spy Sensory Stick

Grow Smart Games I Spy Sensory Stick boy and girl playingMy niece helped Mikko find the items in the I Spy Sensory Stick. I appreciated that the stick was an unusual shape for an I Spy game, which lent a fun new aspect. It’s the right size and shape for a child’s chubby fingers to hold.

The creator of the sticks uses items that are easily recognizable by kids including seashells, balls, animals, and shapes. Kids can find the items in random order or make the fun more challenging by trying to find the items in the order listed on the attached card.

You can give your kids extra challenges by removing the laminated card and asking them to find certain items listed, or make it even tougher by encouraging them to seek out a triangle, Grow Smart Games I Spy Stick items samplesomething that’s orange, or something that starts with the letter C.

“The I Spy Sensory Stick provides opportunities to practice fine motor skills, word recognition, auditory processing, reading and building attention span. The sounds created as children shake, twist, and turn the tube are fun and engaging.”

The only problem I had with our stick was sometimes the items inside got “stuck” a particular way, such as face-down, and I wasn’t able to easily shake them back upright. I wonder if ours would have been a little easier with fewer beads, in that case, so that the items could move more freely. It didn’t seem to bother the kids, though!

I really like the bright and bold objects that are hidden within. They’re easy enough for even young children to identify. And the sound the stick makes as you shake it around is soothing. Games like this build attention span and observational skills, and I’m all over that.

My take on the My Pocket Games

Grow Smart Games My Pocket Games boy and girl playing
Mikko and my niece stay happy at the restaurant where no one wanted to bring our food.

Grow Smart Games My Pocket Games niece playing dots
My niece schools me in a game of Dots and Boxes.

I really enjoyed the My Pocket Games and think they’d be a great resource to slip into a purse, tote bag, or, well, pocket! The games are fun ones my mom always used to bust out on a napkin when we were bored waiting somewhere, so to have them pre-printed and laminated is such a convenience — plus, you don’t have to remember the rules, because they’re printed right there!

The marker is attached to the ring by its cap, so you don’t have to remember to bring a pen, and we had no problems wiping the marks off after finishing a game.

I think elementary-age children through adults could be satisfactorily amused by My Pocket Games throughout a nice long wait!


Grow Smart Games logo header

You can buy My Pocket Games or I Spy Sensory Sticks online from the Grow Smart Games Etsy shop.

My Pocket Games come in different colors and sell for $5.50 for one, or $10 for two. They would be a great little present to slip into a stocking or as a bonus inside a larger package. Shipping is $1.75 for one to US or Canada or $0.50 with an additional item.

An I Spy Sensory Stick costs $8. Shipping is $3 for one to US or $3.25 to Canada or $1.25 to either with an additional item. An I Spy Sensory Stick would also be a fun stocking surprise!


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