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37 Responses to Giveaway: The No-Cry Picky Eater Solution $17 ARV {12.26; Worldwide} CLOSED

  1. suburban prep

    One of the other books which would be helpful in our family is the The No-Cry Potty Training Solution

  2. suburban prep

    I have a nephew who is 5 and refuses to eat most everything in front of him. He will eat cheese and yogurt and anything carb related (cookies, bread, etc). We have gone to trickery and put double the amount of zucchini in a zucchini bread and taken out some of the sugar and flour.

  3. Vanessa  

    In the past, I’ve found her “No-cry Sleep Solution” to have some helpful ideas when dealing with my baby’s struggle to sleep. The discipline one might be interesting, too.

  4. Vanessa  

    My son is extremely “picky.” He rarely eats vegetables, and would be completely happy eating crackers all day long. Our worst struggle is often getting him to eat at supper time, knowing that if he doesn’t eat enough, he’ll wake hungry in the middle of the night. Those days it’s always hard to know whether to let him eat, throw off his sleep schedule, and be up for hours, or just tell him that it’s sleeping time, not food time.

  5. Carmen  

    We could use The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers

  6. Carmen  

    So far we’ve done ok with food – she likes pretty much everything except canned peas. I would still like this book however because that could always change.

  7. France Irish

    I would love to have this:
    Gentle Baby Care

  8. Paige

    I could REALLY use the N-cry Discipline book. I have most of the others!

  9. Debbie

    no cry nap solution might help! no cry sleep solution was great, and i recommend it to everyone.

  10. Sandra

    I think the no cry discipline solution would be helpful.

  11. Catherine Casey

    We could use The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and Preschoolers. Love her books and look forward to reading the Picky eater one

  12. xela genovese

    I LOVE the No-cry Separation Anxiety Solution. It totally changed our lives and I recommend it to everyone. I’ve always wanted to read the No-cry Sleep Solution. I hope I win this book because I really want to read it too!

  13. xela genovese

    My 3 yo. used to eat pretty much anything and everything we gave her. Now she only has about a dozen foods she likes to eat (luckily they are a varied bunch and include every food group.)

  14. Malinda

    I could use any of her books, my first is easy, but a picky eater at the moment, and my 2nd is a highly strung child so the toilet training or discipline one would be handy. 3rd is a laid back boy so perhaps I won’t need any of them LOL

  15. Amy

    Have read and loved No Cry Sleep Solution, and No Cry for Toddlers… now I think we’d benefit from No Cry Potty Training!

  16. Michelle  

    The No-Cry Sleep Solution seems to be just what we need for our family.

  17. Michelle  

    My little one is scared of peas. I don’t have any idea what caused it but if a pea accidentally ends up on her plate, or even on the table or floor near her, she screams and screams and screams until she sees that it has been disposed of. On other people’s plates, she’s ok, but never with what we now call ‘escapees’. Very strange fear but we do our best to accomodate it. Hopefully, it will be one that she eventually grows out of.

  18. Eliza

    I have three children and two of them have always been fantastic eaters. My 5 year old, however, is afraid of nearly everything–even things all kids should like (i.e. candy, lol). This would be a great help. Thank you for the chance!

  19. Stacie Robinson

    I could benefit from reading the “no cry nap solution” as well! I love napping with my daughter but there are times it would be nice to have her successfully nap by herself…

  20. Shelly  

    I love all of the books by Elizabeth Pantley I’ve read so far. I didn’t realize there was one for picky eaters! Hooray! My husband and I both LOVE to eat and sleep, so we were pretty surprised to have a baby who doesn’t want to do much of either! I sure hope I win so that I can come up with some new strategies to entice my daughter to eat more. Thanks!