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9 Responses to Giveaway: Parenting for Peace – $38 ARV {7.23 Worldwide} CLOSED

  1. B. Perez

    Thank you for the entries! I would love to win a copy of this. Today, actually, I put aside my course studies and was In the Moment playing with my little ones where we relaxed and made homemade moon sand….

  2. Kitti Popovics

    I was very patient and repeated the answers for the questions asked hundred times.

  3. Amy G  

    My 15 month old was waking every hour at night a few days this week. When I was exhausted and very frustrated, I practiced relaxation breathing instead of directing feelings towards her.

  4. Christine @ African Babies Don't Cry  

    I pick my battles everyday, that doesn’t mean I give in to my 18 month old’s every desire, but I respect his will and his needs and pick my battles 🙂

  5. beth c  

    i cleaned house!! (example! 😀 ) also, instead of getting frustrated when things didn’t go my way, i tried to be more flexible and see things from my son’s point of view and then figure out how to make things work for both of us! thanks for the wonderful giveaway!!

  6. Katy Emanuel  

    When my daughter was cranky and fighting her nap we headed outside for a hike instead where she settled down and snuggled into me for a nap while in her carrier.

  7. Stuart

    Looks like an informative and helpful book.

  8. christine jessamine  

    i played alot of games with my kids this week

  9. Tracie Brown  

    I do not yell or scream at my daughter!