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This is a giveaway of a phenomenal set of mama care products by Party in My Pants: a Mama-Rama Kit, which includes four Queens, two Overnights, and a pair of their handy Honeysuckles nursing pads. One lucky reader will receive all seven products, making this giveaway’s total value $90! (The winner will actually receive a gift card for $90, the value of a Mama-Rama Kit + shipping to the US; shipping will be higher for international residents.)

From our reviewer, Dionna at Code Name: Mama:

About Party in My Pants

Luci Daum Design is a sister-owned and operated mini business that makes Party In My Pants pads. The sisters – Luci and Lydia – share some very talented genes. Luci is the seamstress extraordinaire behind PIMPs, and Lydia handles the design and marketing aspects of their business. All of their pads are handmade with love in Ashland, Wisconsin. I got to ask the duo a few questions, this is what they had to say:

1) Having two sisters of my own, I can imagine how working with a sister could be a blessing and a curse. Tell us what it’s really like to work together.
For us, our sister-sister business is much more a blessing than a curse. It’s just another facet that makes us care even more about our business than we might if we were working with someone else. We both believe deeply in the need for comfortable, effective and stylish cloth pads — the fact that we also care about and believe in each other in a uniquely sisterly way makes us work harder and better to that end.

2) You’ve got to get comments about your product’s name – who thought of it? Do you ever catch any flak for it?
We actually can’t quite remember who exactly thought of Party In My Pants — it must have been 12 or 13 years ago. We were just brainstorming one day and like usual, we were just throwing things out to make each other laugh. Party In My Pants made us laugh the most and it stuck. Sure it was antithetical to everything we’d been taught to think and feel about menstruation, but we felt the pads turned our attitude and experience around so completely that it was surprisingly fitting. Every once in awhile someone doesn’t get it, but that’s okay. Not everyone catches on immediately and we don’t let it get us down. At least negative notions are being challenged and that’s the only way they’re going to change!

3) The second part of your mission statement says you envision a world where “men and women are comfortable talking about menstruation, without embarrassment” – what is your company doing to realize that vision?
Mainly we just talk openly about what we do with everyone and try to set the example that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. The best way to change attitudes is simply getting up the courage to talk about something that many people consider shameful. We often do in-store promotions where we set up a display and talk with customers. We always have men ask us what the pads are and they are usually surprisingly interested in learning more. They mostly just seem grateful that they can talk to someone without judgement or awkwardness. I think some people assume that they already know everything they need to know about menstruation, but once they start talking about it, they’re surprised that there’s a lot more to understand and they have a new-found respect for the process.

4) Is there anything fabulous your company does that I should share with my readers?
We’re always looking for ways to reduce our waste. We cut our fabrics so that only the smallest possible scraps remain and then we give those scraps away to someone else who can use them. There is a group of women in our community who make “postage stamp” quilts. They use pieces of fabric that are 1″ x 1″ so they can use most of what we can’t. Even the tiniest scraps can be used to stuff cushions and throw pillows. We also use unbleached, undyed fabrics for some of the parts of our pads and we compost those scraps.

My favorite thing about PIMP? This company is FUN, and they love passing fun and love on to their customers. Here are a few examples:

  • PIMP is brimming over with clever fabric names like “Gnomeman’s Land” and “Bollywood.” Where do they get those names? From their readers! Whenever they debut a new fabric, readers can submit name suggestions – the winner gets the honor of seeing their suggestion on the PIMP fabric, and they get a free pad!
  • Every time PIMP adds a new pattern to the line-up, followers on Facebook have a chance to win a free pad. There’s a drawing nearly every week – in the past year they added over 50 new patterns!
  • Want to see PIMP pads locally? Go to your favorite store, talk to a manager about stocking PIMP, and if they do? You may be eligible for a $50 gift certificate!! See the retailer request form for details.

The black pad is a Queen - notice the flare? The red is an Overnight.


Mama-Rama Kit

The Mama-Rama Kit is flipping fabulous. Let me begin by admitting that for the first 2.5 days postpartum, I stupidly used disposable pads – a few of those nasty diaper-like things as well as some ginormous plastic pads that bulged out so much that it looked like I’d pooped my pants. After approximately 2.5 days, I started to get a rash in my nether regions from the constant plastic contact.

I immediately switched to the PIMP pads (I also used some Earth Mama Angel Baby Mama Bottom Balm), and my rash cleared up within a day. AMAZING!

Lydia warned me that I would have to change PIMP pads more frequently than disposable pads, but I was impressed by the absorbency of the cloth. While I had fairly light postpartum bleeding compared to my experience after Kieran, I was having issues due to a serious cough. (Ahem.) From days 3 to 5 I was probably changing my cloth pads approximately every 3 to 4 hours. I’m now almost three weeks postpartum and I only change my pads twice a day – when I wake up (or after a shower) and before bed.

Two Queen pads


When I first saw the Queen size pads, I laughed. They look huge! At that point, however, I hadn’t yet put on the disposable diapers – the Queen size pads look quite tame in comparison. PIMP Queen size pads are flared at the end to provide extra coverage, and they have more absorbency than their other pads. The Queen size pads are surprisingly comfortable to wear – I thought they would be bulky and conspicuous, but after a few minutes I forgot I was wearing it. There was absolutely no trace of pad line when I was wearing either jeans or my comfy sweats.

The Overnight pads are a little smaller and thinner than the Queens, but they are still long and absorbent enough to provide excellent coverage for postpartum and heavy flow mamas. In my early postpartum days I did have to change the Overnight pads more frequently than the Queens, but the difference wasn’t that noticeable or inconvenient.

The red pad is a Queen; the brown is an Overnight.


All of PIMP’s pads have an all-in-one design with a breathable nylon leak-proof shield & nickel-free plated snaps. The Flannelette & Cotton Pads have 100% cotton upper linings and 100% cotton inner linings. The Organic Pads have 100% organic upper linings and 100% organic cotton inner linings.

I vastly prefer the feel of the flannel pads to the cotton pads. PIMP notes that women tend to prefer one over the other, but that the cotton pads may be better for hotter weather. Since I’ve been using these in the winter, that might account for my preference.

I’m wearing a pair of the Honeysuckles nursing pads right now, and they are incredibly comfortable. The material against your skin is silky soft 100% Organic Cotton/Hemp Fleece, and there is a nylon leak-proof shield to protect your tops from sour milk spots. I have several pairs of flannel nursing pads from a different company, and I must admit – the PIMP pads are softer. In these leaky newborn days, you might want to change your nursing pads more frequently. PIMP has a great deal right now – whenever you buy three or more pairs of nursing pads, you will get a .50 discount on each pair, so stock up!

Of course if you’re in the market for a smaller cloth pad, PIMP has many different designs. Their pads come in six sizes: small, medium, large, overnight, super, and queen. They also have thinner liners in four sizes: thong, mini, demi, and luxe. There is literally something for everyone, and you can use their handy and fun “Prescription Guide” to pick the pad that is right for you.

The cost of cloth pads may seem daunting at first, but the investment will pay off shortly when you stop spending money on disposable menstrual products. Not convinced? Check out PIMP’s “Savings Calculator” – you’ll see!

And if you want to dip a toe in the reusable menstrual supplies pond before diving in, PIMP has an amazing offer – new customers can get a free cloth pad (free plus the cost of shipping – $3.99)! That.Rocks.

Practical consideration on most women’s minds: how do you wash cloth pads? The same way you do any other piece of clothing. Here’s a snippet from PIMP’s FAQ on the subject:

The easiest, most effective cleaning method is to machine wash pads just like any other piece of clothing. Just pop ‘em in the washing machine (warm or cold) and toss ‘em in the dryer on low. Some women soak their cloth pads before washing, but with Party In My Pants it’s generally not necessary. As long as your pad is mostly dry it won’t affect or stain any of your other laundry. It might feel odd at first, but soon it’ll be as routine as washing your socks or underwear. If washing your PIMPs with your other laundry makes you too uncomfortable, you can always wash them separately or place them in a mesh lingerie bag.

For the record, I toss mine in with diaper laundry now that I’m washing cloth diapers again; but before Ailia’s arrival, I laundered cloth pads with my regular wash.


You can purchase your own Party In My Pants products by ordering directly from its website. Amazon also carries a variety of PIMP products.

For a limited time, PIMP is offering Code Name: Mama and Natural Parents Network readers a special deal – $5 off any order of $35 or more – just use code CODENAME535.


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