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59 Responses to Giveaway: Storyland Yoga DVD $15 ARV {11.1; Worldwide} CLOSED

  1. Yumikko

    This is great DVD. My son and I would love it. I went to the site and i learned this is healthy way.

  2. Natalie B

    I learnt that the idea for Playful Planet’s Storyland Yoga began at a birthday party of a little girl in 2007 where one of the founders met yoga instructor Ahmed Fahmy.

  3. Natalie B

    I would love to enjoy the Storyland Yoga DVD with my daughter. She’s only 10 months old now, but we could enjoy watching it now and have fun with the yoga poses as she grows.

  4. Natalie B

    I’m an existing liker of Natural parents Network on facebook

  5. Natalie B

    And now a new liker of A Little Bit of All of It on Facebook.

  6. Natalie B

    And a new liker of Playful Planet on Facebook too!

  7. Natalie B

    I also subscribe to the Natural Parents Network by email.

  8. andalene

    I learned that the founder, Karen Duggan, of Playful Planet, has produced Playful Planet’s first video that connects kids with nature through yoga and storytelling. It’s called Storyland Yoga.

  9. andalene

    I think my children and I would enjoy this DVD together.

  10. andalene

    subscribe here at NPN.

  11. andalene

    entered homebirth books g/a.

  12. andalene

    entered kids’ cuteture g/a.

  13. Amy Gatzemeyer  

    Playful planet’s mission is to engage children through playful interaction, empower them through messages of conscious consumption and sustainability.

  14. Amy Gatzemeyer  

    I subscribe to the Natural Parent Network by email.

  15. Amy Gatzemeyer  

    I follow NPN on twitter.

  16. andalene

    Storyland Yoga became an idea to product in 2007 when the creator met yoga instructor Ahmed Fahmy at a birthday party of a little girl.

  17. mamapoekie  

    oh! My daughter would love this! she already does the prenatal yoga with me and I had been looking for something like this!
    mamapoekie at yahoo dot com

  18. mamapoekie  

    visited playful planet.
    Looking forward to their farm-to-plate initiative

  19. mamapoekie  

    subscribed to NPN in google reader
    mamapoekie@ yahoo dot com

  20. mamapoekie  

    subscribed to a little bit of all of it