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baby and boy at Christmas tree in Diego striped shirts — Tea Collection giveaway

Tea Collection is offering our readers a giveaway of a $100 Gift Certificate.

Tea Collection offers high-quality, modern children’s clothes that are internationally inspired, wearable, and unique.

From our reviewer, Lauren at Hobo Mama:

I’m a little bit drooly when it comes to Tea Collection children’s clothing. I admired them from afar for a couple years before finally getting my greedy paws on some pieces. I entered giveaways like this (but didn’t win, sigh). I was nearly giddy when Tea offered to let me do a review and giveaway of their precious boys’ clothing. (Clothes for girls, women, and babies are also available.)

Tea Collection: The Story

Tea Collection picks a particular global region to inspire the clothing line each year: from Japan to West Africa to Hungary. Right now it’s Modern Mexico, and I love the south-of-the-border details. The inspiration often turns toward the graphic and the colorful, lending a stylistic and unique touch to your kids’ clothes you don’t usually find.

The tagline for Tea is “for little citizens of the world.” I admire the “fusion of worldwide cultures and modern design,” as the About page puts it.

Decorate the Kids: Get Colorful

Let me admit that I’m not a little green when I look at the girls’ clothing that Tea offers. As with most children’s clothing, it’s even cuter. But, I have two boys, and fortunately, Tea has got them covered with delectable options as well.

smiling boy in Fuerte polo shirt and Fiesta plaid shirt — Tea Collection giveaway

One thing that often depresses me about boys’ clothing is how drab it can be. Tea says no way to boring and came through with not one but two purple shirts for my four-year-old! Mikko loves purple, and it’s incredibly hard to find boys’ shirts in that color. Yea for Tea!

Matchy Matchy: Range of Children’s Sizes

Even better? Mikko loves to match clothing with his new little brother, Alrik, who’s six months old. I figure that agreeableness won’t last forever, so I try to indulge it as I can. Unfortunately, Mikko wears a size 6 or 7 now, and Alrik is still in baby sizes, of course. This makes finding coordinating clothing very challenging.

boy and baby in Fuerte polo shirts, Fiesta plaid shirt, Surplus Playwear Pants — Tea Collection giveaway

Tea to the rescue! Nearly all of the clothing options at Tea Collection start at baby sizes (a Small is 6-12 months) and go up through children’s sizes, most up to a size 12. Yup, you could get a baby a romper, big sister a coordinating shirt, and even bigger sister the same one! I can’t tell you how excited this makes me.

baby and boy licking cookie decorations in Diego striped shirts — Tea Collection giveaway

(They also have newborn size clothing for smaller babies, beginning at 0-3 months up through 6-9 months.)

Our Clothing: Sized Right

baby sitting and smiling at bookshelf in Fuerte polo shirt and Surplus Playwear Pants — Tea Collection giveaway

Here’s what we received, all told:

I chose our sizing based on the Size Chart and was quite pleased at the fit. Just for reference, Alrik is about 17 pounds right now, and Mikko is (gasp) 50 pounds.

Size Small is 15-22 pounds, and Medium is 22-27 — I chose a Medium for the short-sleeve polo shirt, since likely Alrik will be wearing that more in the spring and summer. I didn’t feel that either shirt looked way too big on him, probably because of the nice elasticity, but there’s thankfully plenty of room to grow. The pants were a little snug over his cloth diaper, but not a problem once we wiggled them on. Since they were in the larger size, they needed to be rolled up, but I actually like it when baby pants are too long, because then they still cover the legs when they get hiked up during babywearing.

back of Diego striped shirt at bookcase — Tea Collection giveaway

Size 7 is 51-61 pounds according to the chart, and indeed, it looks like Mikko has a little room to grow, but the shirts aren’t comically large on him. He’s tall for his age, but not at a seven-year-old’s height, so I worried about the length of everything — they’re definitely longer than the toddler sizes he’s been growing out of, but I think that will work in his favor as he continues to sprout up, considering he has such a long torso.

My recommendation is to take the Sizing Chart at its word, but don’t be scared to size up if you want to get more seasons of wear out of these adorable clothes!

The Clothing: The Look, the Feel, the Wear and Tear

My first impression of the stripe and polo jersey shirts was “Oh! Sooo soft.” I kept reaching out to rub Mikko’s tummy and hug Alrik tight as they were wearing their shirts!

The material felt substantial and comfortable, just the way quality children’s clothes should feel.

I haven’t had much chance to do a lot of wash and wear on the new clothes, but I do have some Tea baby shirts and rompers that I bought for Alrik when he was born. Despite needing to be washed frequently, as baby clothes always are, they’ve held up magnificently to machine washing and drying and are clearly in good shape to be handed down.

I even love the little red “Tea” tags on the back of each item.

The only problem I’ve encountered is two little holes in the front of Alrik’s Diego shirt. I’m confident that we did not put them there, because I noticed them when he was wearing it for the first time and within the first hour. (We’re not in the habit of pinning medals to our baby’s chest…) I’ve just contacted the Tea representative about it to make sure it’s not a quality-control thing and will update this post as I find out more.

Holiday Looks for Stylish Kids

I’ll leave you with some more photos of our kids wearing their new duds to trim the tree and enjoy our cookie decorating party.

boy decorating Christmas tree in Fuerte polo shirt and Fiesta plaid shirt — Tea Collection giveaway smiling baby in Fuerte polo shirt — Tea Collection giveaway

boy squeezing baby's cheeks in Fuerte and Fiesta shirts — Tea Collection giveaway

If only he knew how many people want to do just that to his own cheeks!

cookie decorating in Diego striped shirt — Tea Collection giveaway baby in Diego striped shirt and bib — Tea Collection giveaway

decorated cookies in Diego striped shirt — Tea Collection giveaway



You can purchase Tea Collection baby, children’s, and women’s clothing online at or locally using the Store Locator. There are several children’s boutiques near me that carry the line, so you can drool over the selection in person. This also means you can “shop local” for the holidays.

Tea frequently offers sales, so stay in touch (the Bonus Entries below will tell you how). You can get 10% off your first order simply by signing up for the newsletter. currently ships only to the United States. However, you can find local stores in several international areas.

Today and tomorrow, you can receive 3-day shipping for the price of ground (FREE on orders over $150, $7 on everything else). Use code 3DAYYAY. Hurry with those holiday orders — ends 12/19 at 11:59pm PT!

Some of my favorites among Tea’s current collection:

If it’s too late for you to give the gift of Tea Collection by Christmas, consider a Tea Collection e-Gift Certificate — much appreciated by any parent!



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