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70 Responses to Giveaway: Tranquil Turtle From Cloud B — $47.95 ARV CLOSED

  1. Kristina Best  

    Soothing Puppets – Turtle

  2. Kristina Best  

    My 5 yr old who has trouble sleeping unless there is a nightlight in his room

  3. Andrea H  

    Plush Pillow – Ladybug! It would be perfect for my daughter!

  4. Andrea H  

    My friend is due any day now, this would be great for her!

  5. Jenn McClearn  

    I like the sleep sheep baby is due soon would love the turtle for him/her 🙂

  6. Jenn McClearn  

    baby #3 will enjoy tranquil turtle unless big brother’s snatch it 😉

  7. Sarah

    The Twinkles To Go Oct is another great product from Cloud B. My family travels alot (both my husband and I’s family lives 400 miles away), a light like this would be most beneficial for our little guy.

  8. Sarah

    Our son Ronnie would love this light soother.

  9. Erin Yuki Violet

    We LOVE the Tranquil Turtle! Especially the aqua.

  10. Anne Perry

    We love the sleep sheep

  11. Anne Perry

    My two boys would love this

  12. Nikki Laxar

    My friends baby would LOVE this!

  13. Jessica B.

    I also like the Sleep Sheep.

  14. Jessica B.

    My son would really enjoy this!

  15. elven johnson

    Glow Cuddles™ Bunny

  16. elven johnson

    I would I’ve been wanting one for some time now. I love plushies with extras.

  17. Tara Boulter

    We love Cloud B!

  18. TaSheena

    My daughter has the lady bug scented pillow and loves it. My son loves his cloud b lamb lovey too.

  19. Tara Boulter

    My girls would love tranquil turtle and we love our Sleep Sheep & Ladybug

  20. Yvone Scott  

    Bubbly Bunny Blanket