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Who They Really Are-Christina FletcherThis giveaway is now closed.  Please stay tuned for the announcement of the winner. Thank you all for entering!

Author and fellow natural parent Christina Fletcher is offering our readers a giveaway of Who They Really Are: A guide to being a spiritually aware parent, a $15 value.

From our reviewer, Laura of Walden Mommy:

I can be really, really picky about what religious books I read. It seems like most books fall into extremes that I am not: super conservatives or very liberal. I try not to “throw the baby out with the bathwater” and read all the books with an open mind, taking what I want and leaving the rest.

However, Who They Really Are: A Guide to Being a Spiritually Aware Parent, by Christina Fletcher, is not so much about religion as it is about being in tune with your child. She defines their spirit or soul as Who They Really Are. She writes that children are born with a pure energy and Contrast (pain, unhappiness) is introduced into their lives with birth. It is our job as parents to bring them back to the Center and help re-establish the pure, positive energy into their lives.

The Book:

The book is divided into easy-to-read chapters. There is one chapter for each trimester of pregnancy, three chapters covering the first year and one about the second year of life. There is a special note for parents of children with special needs and adoptive parents.

Because it is not a “what to expect book” or a “how to parent” book, she does not go into great detail about each phase of parenting. Rather, she offers meditations and exercises for each phase of pregnancy to help bond with the baby and achieve a positive birth outcome. She suggests to think positively as your baby can pick up on your moods and experiences even in utero. Simple exercises are suggested, such as planting a garden or making an “inspiration board” for yourself.

As the book goes on, she offers simple troubleshooting ideas for Contrast events in your baby’s life. From babies who hate car seats to sleeping to separation anxiety, she offers simple, natural, from-the-heart solutions for each Contrast. This book could easily be considered an introduction to natural or instinctual parenting because the focus is on using your instincts to help your baby. Because her style of writing is simple, light, and quick to read, it would make the perfect baby gift for a new parent or parent-to-be.

Fletcher has many gems sprinkled thoughout the book. New moms will find comfort in “relax and remember, your baby is in transition but so are you. You don’t have to get it all right” (77) and “[t]he relationship between a father and his child can be one of the most beautiful things imaginable” (81). Her advice for weathering the tough moments is sound.

However, like many books, you need to take what works for you and leave the rest. I found a couple problems with this book. For example, in one part, Fletcher writes, “Most complications and difficulties in women’s birthing experiences come from a lack of trust in their own bodies” (51). While I agree that positive thinking and visualization is important, this statement seems to put the blame for pregnancy problems on the mother’s (theoretical) lack of trust. As someone who has experienced pregnancy complications beyond my control, I can honestly say that statements like that are the last things a new mom needs to hear.

Like any book, you need to use common sense when reading Who They Really Are. In her chapter about babies ages six months to one year, she writes about babies who do not like car rides and how to help them. She advocates packing a soft and non-messy snack within easy reach of the driver so, presumably, you can hand it to your baby to quiet them in the car. While the idea has merit, children in this age group are often just learning how to feed themselves and should always be strictly supervised. Babies under two years old should still be rear facing, and thus feeding them in the car, without another adult present to supervise the feeding session, is not recommended.

As stated before, this book would be a wonderful and unique baby shower or blessingway gift. Although it is a book about spirituallity, it is suitable for parents who adhere to a demonimation or those who do not. Because it is fairly short (169 pages), it is the perfect reading length for a new parent who might be overwhelmed by a thicker tome. Fletcher’s writing cuts right to the point with quick and easy tips but is gentle and kind in its delivery.


author christina fletcherYou can purchase Who They Really Are: A Guide to Being a Spiritually Aware Parent online for $14.99 at as well as at Amazon (where it is eligible for free Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25) and at Barnes & Noble (currently $13.49 and also available for free shipping over $25).


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Laura is most often found driving her herd of four small children around mid-western suburbia or tackling Mt. NeverEndingLaundry. Online, she blogs at WaldenMommy: Life Behind the Red Front Door about her life with The Herd, her Engineer Husband and their pesky dog; her faith; and dealing with post-partum PTSD following the premature birth of her third child. A natural birthing, breastfeeding, baby-wearing, semi-co-sleeping, healthy eating, green living hippie who likes shopping and shoes, she doesn’t claim to be a perfect mother . . . but is the perfect mother for her children.

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