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52 Responses to Giveaway: Who They Really Are: Book on Spiritual Parenting $15 {5.24; US/Can} CLOSED

  1. Rhonda Uretzky  

    This book is sorely needed. Too many “how to” books are superimposing rules and regulations on the “right way” to raise kids. If there was one right way, it would work consistently and produce only happy children who grow into confident adults. Encouraging parents to trust their instincts is the best advice, as all children are not the same, and one-size parenting simply does not fit all. I am anxious to read this book and to see more like on the market, so I can recommend it to my blog readers.

  2. Moorea  

    Agreed more books like this are needed. So many pregnant couples are focused on what “stuff” they need for the baby and forget that all they need is in thier souls. What makes me swell with joy is how my daughter has taught me radical gratitude. She’s 13 months and when she finds anything she likes, she kisses it and hugs it. From a shoe to a to a leaf to a photo of me, to the bottle of diaper cream. Kisses of appreciation for creation all day long. I now strive to be like her.

  3. Jenni Derryberry Mann  

    Something I appreciate about my children: Their ability to cute the frustration right out of me. You know those moments when they’ve pushed you to your edge? I love it when we’re all blessed with a moment of grace to stop focusing on the frustration and instead see the hilarity and cuteness of a little naked toddler tushy streaking through the house. Or my preschooler making up a silly song while wearing her favorite dress-up outfit. I can’t help but be awed by their joy for living in those moments.

  4. andalene

    I appreciate that no matter what the circumstances, I have the most joyful five yr old boy. he is just so happy, smiley, and compliant. i thank God for him and my other daughter each and every day. Thay are my blessings.

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  8. corey

    I admire my children and all children’s ability to trust and belive in God.

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  10. corey

    I learned that Christina Fletcher, the author, is also a lecturer and consultant about Spiritually Aware Parenting. She lives with her husband and three children in rural Nova Scotia.

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  14. Jen M

    With my son, I appreciate the simple fact that he’s here! I couldn’t imagine my life without him. When I’m down, he always cheers me up, like he can sense that I’m upset.

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