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Author Corie Feiner is offering our readers a giveaway of her children’s book, Who Was Born At Home? Two winners will each receive a copy of this beautiful book, illustrated by George Sandidge and valued at $9.99.

Who Was Born At Home? shows children significant US figures who were born at home, bringing alive to them the historical reality of homebirth.

From our reviewer, Rebekah at Liberated Family:

Reading "Who Was Born At Home?"

Books are amazing teaching tools that can open up new worlds to everyone. You can learn anything from cooking to sewing to woodworking to computer programming. Books have always held a big place in the lives of my husband and me. So, naturally, when we had children, we began to stock up on various books that we thought might be of interest to them someday. Four years later, both our oldest and youngest adore books. When they aren’t busy flipping through the pages or gazing at the different illustrations, they greatly enjoy having one (or several) books read to them daily.

Recently, we received the opportunity to read a fantastic book to them. It’s about different people in history who share one thing in common – they were all born at home. In Corie Feiner’s new book, Who Was Born At Home?, she takes us on a literary journey to various destinations around the USA to visit the birth places of famous figures such as Thomas Edison, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Elvis Presley (to name a few), woven together through beautiful poetry. And Corie is no stranger to poetry. She is an internationally known performance poet and the author of the poetry collection, Radishes Into Roses. Who Was Born At Home? is Corie’s first children’s book.

Interested in learning more about Corie and her interest in homebirth, I asked if she’d be up for doing a short interview. She agreed.

Rebekah: What prompted you to write Who Was Born At Home?

Corie: My husband and I gave birth to our son at home. We were searching for a children’s book about homebirth and were surprised that we couldn’t find one. I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I could give our son a history lesson and teach him about homebirth at the same time? Some of the most influential people in the world — Elvis Presley, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr, Eleanor Roosevelt, and virtually all of our great-grandparents — were born at home, and I wanted him to see that he was in good company.

R: How do you hope to influence birth in general?

C: Birth is the beginning of life, so it’s important to get a good head start. I don’t have an agenda about this, except that I want people to choose what works for them so they can be in harmony during the time when a new life begins. Homebirth, due to the recent focus on medicalized birth, has been underrepresented in modern times. But its popularity is growing because for some people, it’s the most comfortable option where they can experience the magic and miracle of birth in a direct way that a hospital or birthing center doesn’t quite allow. I’m mostly looking to give people a legitimate option to consider.

R: How has the response been from other homebirthers?

C: I’ve been amazed by the response and demand. I didn’t do market research before this project, but based on the feedback so far, I can tell there is tons of growth in homebirth. What I’m mostly hearing is “Finally!” I’m honestly surprised and grateful that I could provide that for people.

R: Were your family and friends supportive of your homebirth? What about your book?

C: My husband’s aunt asked me if we’d have an ambulance waiting by the front door in case anything went wrong. And this was from a holistic family. I’d say they were far from comfortable. But by the time our son was born, my mother told me she wished she’d had a homebirth. Much of that experience was inspiration for the the book.

R: Do you intend to write more children’s books?

C: Yes! There is nothing more inspiring than a 4-year-old who loves books.

R: What inspires you?

C: My son, my husband, and the beauty in everyday life in things like cooking and going to the farmer’s market.

I can certainly agree that there is nothing more inspiring than a 4-year-old who loves books. Our own 4-year-old very much enjoyed having Who Was Born At Home? read to him, as did our 2-year-old. We home birthed both of our boys, so we found the book both encouraging and inspiring. This book shows homebirth as common and normal, a good message to hear in this age of hospital births.

Enjoying the illustrations in "Who Was Born At Home?"

This review would not be complete if we didn’t mention the beautiful and true-to-life illustrations. They’re watercolor paintings made by George Sandidge, whose work has appeared in several well-known publications. When you turn each page, you’ll find a notable figure who was born at home along with an illustration of their birth home. That adds so much to the authenticity of this book and certainly made each story more enriching. Both of our boys enjoyed studying the pictures as they listened to the stories being read.

And the history lesson Corie alluded to in the interview — Who Was Born At Home? concludes with a short biography of each person talked about in the book. So beyond showing how homebirth is normal, it gives you a chance to teach your child about some notable people and events in American history. Our whole family enjoyed it — it’s a great book for both children and adults.


Who Was Born At Home?
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  1. TopHat  

    I learned Frank Sinatra shares a birthday with me and was born at home!

  2. TopHat  

    My kids would love the book, especially since we’re planning another homebirth!

  3. Michelle  

    I learned that Who Was Born at Home? will donate 1% of all sales to Choices for Childbirth.

  4. Michelle  

    I would love to read this book with my daughter who was born at home nearly ten years ago.

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    I learned Frank Sinatra was born at home

  6. anne perry

    I am having my first home birth sometime this month. The baby & his older brother would get this book.

  7. shelby brigham

    Corie Feiner received a degree in English from the University of Pittsburgh

  8. Amy Bailey

    I learnt the author was inspired to write this book after having her child at home. 🙂

  9. Amy Bailey

    My daughter would LOVE this book because our upcoming baby is going to be born at home and I would love to explain with this book. 🙂 Hope I can win a copy 🙂

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    I learned that old blue eyes was born at home!

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    I learned that Thomas Edison was born at home!

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    The book must be great!

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    I learned about the book “A Chair for Always” that has a homebirth right in the middle of it!

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    This would be for my daughter 🙂