Giveaway: Children’s 3-in-1 Wishbone Bike $249 ARV CLOSED

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Wishbone Design Studio is offering our readers a giveaway for an Apple-A-Day 3 in 1 Limited Edition Bike, a value of $249.00.

From our reviewer, Angela at Earth Mama’s World:

About the Wishbone Apple-A-Day Limited Edition Bike

The Wishbone Design Studio Apple-A-Day 3 in 1 bike is the perfect bike to encourage exercise and physical activity in children. This bike does not have pedals, which encourages children to kick to push themselves along while learning balance and coordination.

Wishbone Bikes are the most eco-friendly bikes on the market with their lightweight frames. The frame is made from preservative-free, plantation birch and ash with organic cotton. They are bonded and finished with eco-friendly products. Their rubber tires are created from sustainably managed woods, and the wheels are made with 60% post-consumer recycled plastic.

The Apple-A-Day bike is an amazing wooden balance bike that transforms and grows with your child. This bike is a 3 in 1 that grows with your child from ages 1 to 5.

Giveaway at NPN: Wishbone Apple-A-Day Balance Bike ARV $249

At the age of 1, long before a child can normally use a balance bike, they can use this as a trike.

Giveaway at NPN: Wishbone Apple-A-Day Balance Bike ARV $249

As confidence grows the third wheel is removable and the trike converts to a low frame balance bike.

Giveaway at NPN: Wishbone Apple-A-Day Balance Bike ARV $249

When the child has further grown, the wishbone frame is flipped and it becomes one of the largest running bikes on the market.

Our Experience with the Wishbone Bike

Giveaway at NPN: Wishbone Apple-A-Day Balance Bike ARV $249

We were all so excited when our Wishbone Apple-A-Day bike was delivered to our front door. When we opened the package my children were excited to see the art on the inside of the box (the bike box and printed material inside are recycled and printed with non-toxic inks).

The box kept my 2 girls busy while my 7-year-old and I assembled the balance bike. I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of assembly, we had it totally assembled in about 20 minutes.

Giveaway at NPN: Wishbone Apple-A-Day Balance Bike ARV $249

This bike is absolutely beautiful, it features artwork from Coralie Bickford-Smith. This Wishbone Bike wants to inspire healthy eating and encourage kids to be physically active. It certainly inspired my children who immediately began zooming all around our home on their new balance bike!

The bike is very lightweight, 12 pounds as a trike and 8 pounds as a bike, so I was able to easily load it in our vehicle and take it to a park. Ava, 4 years old, enjoyed the first outdoor ride on the trike.

Audrey, 2 years old, was able to really pick up speed on the trike! She enjoyed cruising all along the bike paths throughout the park.

Giveaway at NPN: Wishbone Apple-A-Day Balance Bike ARV $249

I know that the suggested age range is 1 to 5, but Alex, 7 years old, really wanted a turn. Audrey passed the trike to her brother and he immediately headed off-road! I was very impressed with the durability of the trike.

Giveaway at NPN: Wishbone Apple-A-Day Balance Bike ARV $249

When we arrived home from the park, the kids were not ready to stop riding. We headed to a big hill on our street and enjoyed a few races. As you can see, this bike is sturdy and tough. I was even comfortable with Audrey riding down the hill on the trike. Getting ready to go down . . .

Giveaway at NPN: Wishbone Apple-A-Day Balance Bike ARV $249


Giveaway at NPN: Wishbone Apple-A-Day Balance Bike ARV $249

I kept the Wishbone bike as a trike for about a week then decided to convert it to a balance bike. I skipped the middle stage and decided to flip the frame over for the larger balance bike since Ava is 4 years old.

Giveaway at NPN: Wishbone Apple-A-Day Balance Bike ARV $249

I had to totally disassemble and reassemble the bike because I was flipping the frame, the entire process took about 30 minutes and was rather easy due to the detailed instructions provided with the bike.

I was very grateful for the ‘little bag of important bits’ that was included, I was able to store the instructions and spare parts safely together.

Giveaway at NPN: Wishbone Apple-A-Day Balance Bike ARV $249

Ava has never been on a balance bike before. Alex learned to ride a bike on one so he hopped on to show her how to ride.

She was a fast learner and was riding on the two-wheel balance bike in no time!

After riding on the balance bike for a few days Ava has gained such confidence in her riding ability. She no longer wants to ride on her bike with training wheels as she can get around much faster and with more ease on the balance bike. The way that she is progressing she will never need her training wheels again!

I am so impressed with the Wishbone Apple-A-Day Limited Edition bike and certainly recommend it. It is a very sturdy and eco-friendly 3 in 1 bike. My only regret is not getting this bike sooner, and my only dilemma is whether to keep it as a balance bike for Ava, a trike for Audrey, or purchase one so they are both able to enjoy a Wishbone bike together!

Once a child begins walking this is the only bike that they would need for many years. You can also purchase many cool accessories for your bike from Wishbone Design Studio such as stickers and seat covers. Wishbone also offers a 2 in 1 bike if you do not need the 3 wheel trike feature and a super cool Flip Ride-On that is a rocker and a ride on.


You can purchase your own Apple-A-Day Limited Edition Bike at Wishbone Design Studio. Wishbone Design Studio also offers several other wooden ride-ons such as the Wishbone Flip and Wishbone Bike. They also offer various accessories for their products. Wishbone bikes and accessories are also available on Amazon. Prices range from $9.95 to $249.00.

In the mainland USA, Wishbone Design Studio offers free shipping for any order over $100. New items can be returned with no time limits.

And just for NPN readers for a limited time, use coupon code appleless20 to receive a percentage off your purchase. This coupon code is only good from June 8 through June 15, 2013.


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