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23 Responses to Giveaway: Children’s 3-in-1 Wishbone Bike $249 ARV CLOSED

  1. lara jarrette  

    also love the wishbone flip! my little one would love that!

  2. lara jarrette  

    my daughter would love the apple a day bike! i hope we win, as it would be a great birthday gift

  3. Alisha

    Oh, I would love this for my little guy! What a neat bike!

  4. Alisha

    The flip looks super fun, too.

  5. Amy G  

    my 26-month old daughter

  6. Sarah Brumberg

    The apple a day bike has a great gender neutral design, which would be great for my son Ronnie:)

  7. Kristin

    the Wishbone Flip looks like so much fun. My 20month old would totally love these toys.

  8. Jennifer H

    This would be perfect for my toddler son!

  9. Jennifer H

    The nameplate looks really cool, too.

  10. Elisa

    This looks very cool can wait for my kids to try it out.

  11. Jennifer

    I’d love this for my son!

  12. Jennifer

    the wishbone flip is so cute too!

  13. christine jessamine  

    I like the wishbone flip!

  14. Travis

    I love the nameplate! And the seat covers are super cute too!

  15. Travis

    This would be for my super cute 4yo daughter who loves bikes!

  16. Elizabeth Geras

    Love the bike & accessories!

  17. Leslie

    This would be the perfect gift for my daughter’s upcoming first birthday…a gift that will continue to grow with her!

  18. Katy Wolfer  

    The Wishbone Flip looks like a clever toy that any toddler would love!

  19. Katy Wolfer  

    My son would love the Apple-A-Day 3 in 1 Limited Edition Bike. We took him to a bike shop this past week and he was very sad to leave without one for himself. He know calls out “bike” every time he sees one when we are out and about.