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I have been practicing Elimination Communication with my daughter since she was born, so I was thrilled when she was a few days old and I happened upon EC Wear. EC Wear is a work at home mom-run business that sells clothes, trainers, and other accessories for easy elimination communication, as well as traditional cloth diapers for back up. All of the products sold by EC Wear are sweatshop free, and many are mama-made, so I always feel good about the items I purchase. One of the most practical and economical items sold at EC Wear is the wool prefold belt.

The prefold belt is a product made exclusively for EC Wear using quality wool scraps left over from the manufacture of Little Beetle wool diaper covers. This soft, elastic band goes around your baby’s waist and holds prefold or flat diapers in place with no need for a cover, pins, or a snappi. Inside the soft wool outer is a length of buttonhole elastic, which makes the belt fully adjustable, so it can grow with your child.

We have been using a prefold belt, creating what we lovingly refer to as the “sumo diaper,” for some of our at home EC needs since my daughter was only a few months old. She has always been squirmy, never wanting to be still for diaper changes, so the ease of use of the prefold belt has been fantastic. I simply pull it up around her waist and tuck a prefold in. When it’s time to visit the potty or change a wet prefold, I just slide the diaper out from under the belt and replace it. It can be done in seconds while my baby is standing.

Changing diapers as soon as they become wet or soiled is a priority when practicing EC so that babies do not become accustomed to being wet. As a parent, it’s not always easy to remember to check a diaper as frequently as I would like. Because prefolds are so absorbent, however, they soak up an entire “miss” with no problem, so going without a diaper cover at home is easy. Because I can easily see when an uncovered prefold has become wet, changing diapers immediately is an easy task. Going coverless also allows for plenty of air flow in the diaper area, which is a huge plus for babies with sensitive skin or a tendency for diaper rash. In addition to the ease of use and ability to go coverless, another benefit of using a prefold belt is that it allows for independent toddlers to remove their own diaper when they need to use the toilet.

A prefold held up with a belt is a great solution for bottoms in warm climates.

The only trouble with this diapering system is that it doesn’t keep the prefold or flat super snug against baby’s skin. This is fantastic for air circulation, but not-so-fantastic when a breast fed baby has a bowel movement. It also makes for some serious bulk at the top of the diaper in both the front and back, so it’s not terribly practical under clothing. For this reason, we have limited our use of the prefold belt to times that we’re home. It’s absolutely worth having, however, even if only for home use. I should also note that I have rather bulky, Indian prefolds, so a thinner variety may work much better under clothing.

I would recommend prefold belts to anyone who practices either full or part time EC. A belt would also be a great addition for families who cloth diaper full time but want a breathable option to give their baby’s skin a break. If you live in a cold climate and your baby’s lower half needs to be covered at all times, you might have better luck with an option like split pants.


You can buy your own wool prefold belt from EC Wear’s online shop, along with a variety of other specialty EC products, cloth diapers and diapering accessories, and sweatshop free clothing selected with easy EC in mind.


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