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4 Responses to The Good Elf on the Shelf

  1. Molly A.  

    You know, I have a real problem with this whole elf thing. We stay away from labeling children “good” and “bad” and the elf really plays into the good/bad thing. I’m a firm believer that children will live up to the labels we place on them for good or ill. Because of this, we’ve always told our daughter that Santa knows that all little children are good in their hearts even if they have tough days sometimes.

    Because of this, I really appreciate your take on the whole Elf thing. I still won’t be getting one, but I definitely appreciate and see the positive in what you are doing with it. I’ve shared with my friends who do use the Elf, so maybe you’ve given them some positive ideas too!

  2. Denaye

    Hi, I like your idea of the elf on the shelf. I bought one as I got caught up in the cuteness I have seen all over the Internet, then had many doubts about him after. Thankfully hadn’t given him to my kids yet. I am wondering how you introduced him and what you have told the kids about him? Did you still use the book and just change around words?


  3. Meghan  

    Thank goodness for like minded mommas. After watching the 1/2 hour long commercial/Christmas special (but totally a commercial) last year with my daughter I was so turned off by the elf idea. However, after finding out my mother purchased one for my daughter I’ve been debating how to handle this situation. The last thing I need is another mess to clean, and I hate the idea of something misbehaving as a force for all the good we believe Santa to embody. This is the perfect way to handle the elf. I believe I will actually look forward to meeting him soon enough now. Thank you. I would love to know how other parents are taking this new spin.

  4. Ivonne Camacho

    I’m so glad I read your article. My plan for today was to go buy one, but still wasn’t sure how I was going to introduce the Elf to my four year old. Thank you, he will be kind, loving, joyful, helpful Christminded Elf.