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2 Responses to Growing Children

  1. Mary

    As much as I love this idea, some plants benefit from pruning and pinching to help them grow strong, tall, full and vigorous. I think that is a useful addition to your metaphor. A garden needs a firm, loving hand to flourish, just as children need firm, loving parents.

    Thank you for helping me to see that sometimes it is okay for me to be stronger with my child, while remaining gentle and nurturing!

  2. Anna  

    I remember looking at the plants on my balcony last summer during a hot week when we had been busy. They hadn’t had enough water. I thought, “yep, that’s just how I feel”. So I enjoyed reading this and relate to the comparison.

    Also, as Mary says, plants benefit from varying treatment. There are many different plants with many different needs. Each child is unique. A daisy and a mountain orchid are both beautiful, tough plants but you won’t find them in the same conditions. Learning and then creating the best conditions for each little person is surely one of the keys to great parenting.

    Thank you for a great, though provoking article.