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5 Responses to Harvest Spice Granola Rounds

  1. Kristin  

    Yes, these look GREAT! I have a granola bar recipe that has a lot of good stuff in it, but is also sweeter than I’d like. This one looks like it has less sweetener (and other good stuff like PB & pumpkin to hold it together well). Can’t wait to give it a try — maybe today!

  2. Hannah  

    I used squash and they turned out great! I will be making these again. I would also like to try making them with small chunks of dried apples!

  3. missy  

    this looks perfect! i was looking for something to make for my friend that just had a baby and is busy busy nursing. at first i had thought a frozen meal, but these will be great for her to snack on! i might even try making them smaller in a mini-muffin pan!

  4. Kristin  

    I made these, and with a few substitutions, and they tasted GREAT! However, I had a few issues, and wanted to ask/note them for future readers.

    I used wheat germ and it totally burned by 10 minutes into toasting. I think I’d either add it later or skip it, next time. I just sifted it out using a strainer.

    I used some chopped dates and dried cranberries instead of raisons, and also added chocolate chips. SO YUMMY! Less healthy though, I know. They added more sweetness than was probably needed, making it more dessert-like.

    Do you guys grease the muffin tins? I didn’t because it didn’t say to, but mine REALLY stuck to the pan, so ours turned out more like soft granola chunks after I scooped them out of there. Still delicious, though!

    • Beth  

      I’ve NEVER had the wheat germ burn, and I make them all the time… But it’s a good idea to add it later if you’re worried about them getting too toasty 🙂 And I don’t grease my muffin tins because I don’t need to (I have fancy bake-ware, haha). You’re absolutely right, though! Normal tins will most likely need to be greased. I wonder if muffin cups would work?

      I love adding chocolate to mine, too! I add them to the top before baking, and then I spread the chocolate around after I pull them out of the oven and let them cool. I think chocolate makes just about anything taste good 😉

      Thanks for the feedback! *B