Healthy Eating and Living

Families research and consider the benefits of eating local, organic, and/or healthy foods (no artificial colors, etc.). Families make regular time for physical movement (yoga, dance, etc.). Parents understand the importance of a healthy body image.

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Healthy Eating and Living Resources Topic List

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Healthy Eating
Dairy Free
Gluten Free
First Birthday Cake Options
Coconut Oil Uses
Cookware Safety
Green Cleaning
Yoga and Meditation
Detox and Cleanse

In General

  • Body Image Health: At a time in their lives when children should feel secure in their body’s growth, developing confidence in the habits that will help them to become healthy adults with healthy weights, American kids worry about size, fear that food will make them fat, and eat in ways that are detrimental to health and well being. This site and curriculum provides you with a variety of resources to help children, adults, and yourself to develop a positive body image, effective eating habits, nutritional health, fitness and weight.
  • Self Esteem Activities, by Self Esteem Experts: This link offers great ideas for activities to help your kids become aware of their self image as well as improve it.
  • Natural Family Living: The Mothering Magazine Guide to Parenting, by Peggy O’Mara: The editor and publisher of Mothering Magazine, presents, in one convenient volume, a genuinely natural approach to raising our children.
  • Understanding Physical Development in Young Children: Wonderful information regarding child physical development, thought provoking questions for parents to answer regarding their child’s physical activities, and brainstorming tools for coming up with ideas to try with your own kids.
  • Healthy Eating & Physical Activity Across Your Lifespan, by Weight-Control Information Network: This site provides great information on healthy snacking, physical activity, and the importance of parents being healthy role models.

Healthy Eating

  • Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life, Barbara Kingsolver: A year in the life of author Barbara Kingsolver, her husband and two daughters as they eat only home-grown and local food. This chronicle about their commitment to being “locovores” touches on environmental issues and is also a celebration of food.
  • Chemical Profiles: The Healthy Child website’s alphabetical list of chemical profiles found in various household items.
  • The Cornucopia Institute: This is a useful site to refer to if you are interested in knowing exactly how the different organic dairy brands compare to one another. The report uses a scale system (1-5 “Cows”) to score the brands based on specific criteria including Disclosure of Information for Verification, Health and Longevity of Cows, Antibiotics Used on Young Cattle, and Reproductive Hormones Used, to name a few.
  • Find Good Food—Eat Well Guide: Based on zip code info, this site offers an easy way to find local farms and restaurants that are organic and sustainable. Some of the features include downloadable, printable local food guides, water conscious ratings for restaurants (i.e. bottled water alternatives and conservation of water).
  • Good Guide: This web application founded by Dara O’Rourke offers a way to find healthy, green, socially responsible products including food, toys, and household products. They also have a mobile app to assist with shopping and a way to create personalized lists. The rating system is based on data compiled by a science team headed by Bill Pease, “an expert in chemical risk assessment and creator of the web’s top pollution information resource,”
  • Limit Your Child’s Intake of Food Additives: Quick tips from the Healthy Child website that lists common food additives to avoid and those that have a long record of safety.
  • The New Dirty Dozen: 12 Foods to Eat Organic: This article from The Daily Green is the updated 2010 list of the foods that have the most pesticide residues. Also, see the link to the “Clean 15 Foods You Don’t Have to Buy Organic.”
  • Organic Consumers Association: Their motto is “Campagning for Health, Justice, Sustainability, Peace, and Democracy.” You can find links to local green businesses and organizations on their state pages but most importantly, they are a national grassroots network connecting individuals and groups who share OCA’s concerns regarding food safety, industrial agriculture, genetic engineering, children’s health, corporate accountability, Fair Trade, and environmental sustainability.
  • 50 Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids, Plus Fun Serving Suggestions, by Code Name: Mama: Lots of ideas to keep your kids’ diets varied and healthy, while making sure they stay excited about snack time.
  • Healthy Choices = Healthy Families: Some great ideas for fighting childhood obesity, promoting family nutrition, and budget-friendly ideas for keeping your family healthy.

Dairy Free

  • Go Dairy Free is an informational website and news portal for dairy-free living, special diets, and nutrition that was founded by Alisa Fleming, the author of Go Dairy Free: The Guide and Cookbook for Milk Allergies, Lactose Intolerance, and Casein-Free Living. The site was created to bring forth honest, unbiased information to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Milk Free Pantry is a growing directory of products containing no milk, lactose, whey, casein, butter, cream, cheese or cther milk derivatives. For people with
    milk allergies, lactose-intolerance, high cholesterol, or who are on a post-cancer, low-fat, vegetarian, diabetic or other non-dairy diet, this website proves to be a valuable go-to resource.
  • Dairy Intolerance Resources, by Food Intolerance Info: a great website showcasing a host of resources, including blogs, recipes, and FAQs on many different food allergies and intolerances, including, but not limited to, dairy. The site also discusses symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for food allergies and intolerances.
  • Substitution Solutions by Living Without, a magazine for people with allergies and food sensitivities. Their website provides everything the print magazine has to offer and more, from recipes to resources, informational articles, and advice on travel, eating out, and kids and allergies.
  • Kids with Food Allergies is a great website showcasing resources, recipes, tons of articles, support forums, and an allergy buyer’s guide. They also feature an online shop selling allergy cookbooks and allergy children’s books. The site covers all types of allergies, but also has a great section on dairy.
  • Not Milk: This site offers a whole host of resources and research helping you find the whole truth about cow’s milk and dairy.

Gluten Free

  • Whole Foods, Organic, and Gluten Free Resources, by Pennies and Blessings: A list of the top-ten recommended resources for whole foods, organic, and gluten-free eating.
  • Gluten Free Registry is a go-to site linking consumers and gluten-free businesses all over the world. They offer an interactive map, community feedback, and a print magazine.
  • Gluten Free Mall is an online shopping mall for all things gluten-free. The site offers hundreds of gluten-free and other allergy-related health foods available for purchase and items typically ship within one day. The Gluten-Free Mall was created by Scott Adams, who is better known in the celiac/gluten-free community for founding
  • Top Five Gluten Free Resources, by The Gluten Free RD: A list of of the top five gluten-free resources of 2010, which highlights some of the most useful sites on the internet for living and enjoying a GF lifestyle.
  • Celiac Central is the website for the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, and is a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about celiac disease and living gluten-free. This site has everything from educational resources, product resources, book lists, and news section, to a kid’s section featuring guides and games, and printable resources. They bring to you the latest trends, news and products and also feature an Ask the Dietician page.


  • Young Veggie is a website geared towards children who are interested in becoming vegetarian. It provides some recipes, nutritional information and links to other veggie resources.
  • The Vegetarian Resource Group publishes the Vegetarian Journal, cookbooks and pamphlets as a non-profit organization. The website includes numerous links to recipes, resources for individuals who want to become vegetarian, and research from dietitians and nutritionists about the lifestyle and what is required to stay healthy.
  • Meatless Monday: The idea behind Meatless Monday is to show the general public how simple it can be to remove meat from just one meal a week. The website provides recipes for every meal of the day as well as a widget you can put on your blog to remind yourself and everyone who reads it to go meatless.
  • Vegetarian Times has an amazing number of recipes for vegetarians and vegans, including those with specific dietary restrictions: all online! It also comes in print form as a magazine. Resources include an ingredient guide, vegetarian starter kit and more.
  • A Veggie Venture: This blog shares vegetable recipes that may not always be vegetarian, but can easily be adapted. The author strives to include recipes for every meal of the day and include every vegetable out there “from asparagus to zucchini.”
  • Eating Animals, by Jonathan Safran Foer: Brilliantly synthesizing philosophy, literature, science, memoir, and his own detective work, Eating Animals explores the many stories we use to justify our eating habits, folklore and pop culture, family traditions and national myth, apparent facts and inherent fictions and how such tales can lull us into a brutal forgetting. Summary attributed to

First Birthday Cake

  • Healthy and Delicious Cake Recipes, by Momtastic: Many of the recipes on this page contain no eggs or sugar and can be adapted to meet specific dietary needs.
  • Healthy First Birthday Cake Recipes, by Homemade Baby Food Recipes: The recipes on this page don’t use any sugar at all, but include a variety of different fruits to add sweetness and nutrition.
  • The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network provides a searchable database for desserts that are free from common allergens.
  • Dessert, by Mothering Magazine: Mothering has an entire section devoted to wonderful dessert recipes made from wholesome ingredients. You may not even need to make a cake at all!
  • Healthy Indulgences shares gluten-free, sugar-free recipes for every type of sweet-tooth, from cakes to candies and everything in between.

Coconut Oil Uses

  • Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Coconut Oil, by Healthy Living Magazine: Dr Bruce Fife discusses coconut oil’s undeserved reputation as a “bad fat” and explains why it’s actually both healthy and useful.
  • Once a Villain, Coconut Oil Charms the Health Food World, by The New York Times: Not just for cradle cap and sunblock, coconut oil has also been embraced by bakers, vegans and those with nut, egg and dairy allergies. The NY Times talks to scientists and foodies about coconut oil’s benefits and history.
  • Benefit of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, by provides several examples of how daily or occasional use of coconut oil can nourish or heal the skin.
  • A New Look At Coconut Oil, by Mary G. Enig, PhD: The Weston A. Price foundation offers a detailed look at coconut oil’s major antimicrobial and anticancer benefits.
  • The Coconut Oil Miracle by Dr. Bruce Fife: A good resource to have in your home library, this book goes in depth about coconut oil’s many uses and huge health benefits.

Cookware Safety

  • Perfluorooctonoic Acid (PFOA) and Fluorinated Telomers by the EPA: This subsection within the EPA’s website provides a background and list of resources regarding PFOA, the harmful synthetic chemical found in certain types of cookware and other everyday items. The site also highlights new approaches to finding safer alternatives to PFOA use as well as new research and risk assessments.
  • Non-stick Cookware News by Natural News: This article on non-stick cookware and related matter provides an in-depth list of research and findings-based articles related to PFOA, Teflon, and other harmful types of cookware, as well as healthier alternatives.
  • Healthy Types of Metal for Cookware, by Livestrong: This article discusses healthy types of cookware and includes a list of external references.
  • Coated Pots and Pans Can Present Health Hazards, by EWG: Environmental Working Group is an online compilation of topics ranging from health/toxins, farming, natural resources and energy choices, to chemical indices and health tips. This informative article presents an overview of the harms and hazards associated with certain types of cookware and offers healthier alternatives.

Green Cleaning

Detox and Cleanse

  • Easy Detox Cleanse Tips by Essence Palace: this website is a thorough resource for detoxing the whole body. They offer detox recipes and tips for detox planning and preparing, as well as how-to’s for other methods of detoxing, such as detox baths, wraps, and sand packs.
  • Detox Safely is a complete reference guide for safe, natural cleansing and body detoxification. This is a very comprehensive site listing how-to’s on all aspects of detoxing, complete with product recommendations, tips from nutrition counselors, as well as resource articles and books on the matter.
  • 10 Ways to Detoxify Your Body, by Deborahann Smith, is a great article on body cleansing and detoxing for beginners, highlighting insight from three naturopathic physicians addressing the hows, whens, and whys of detoxing.
  • Body Cleansing/Detox Plan & Natural Cures for Good Health, by The Natural Path: This site provides a simple body cleansing, detoxification and nutrition plan and a variety of natural cures to cleanse and detoxify your whole body, to cure common ailments naturally, and to promote good health.
  • Detox, by Peaceful Mind is a lengthy and informative page on detoxing the whole body, with a plethora of other resources for your enjoyment as well.

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