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Two pregnancies in the last two years have given me a hefty dose of heartburn. I won’t brag, but this is by far my worst pregnancy symptom . . . no morning sickness here. From one mama to another, I know heartburn can take you out of commission in a jiffy. The memory of that creeping fire makes my skin crawl!

Heartburn usually occurs in the third trimester as the uterus grows, displacing the stomach. During this internal crunching stomach acid is also displaced and ends up in the mama’s esophagus. And that’s heartburn at its finest.

Thankfully I narrowed down my heartburn triggers and was, therefore, able to keep it at bay most days. But once it hit, I immediately turned to my arsenal of natural remedies. I’ve done my fair share of research on what best helps heartburn and here is what I’ve discovered:

  • Papaya enzyme – This is my #1 go-to, and unlike many supplements, they actually taste yummy!
  • Papaya anything – Fruit or juice have helped me too.
  • Raw almonds – My midwife recommended eating raw almonds when heartburn strikes. Specifically chewing them lots before swallowing, almost grinding them between my teeth.
  • Dash of baking soda in a shot of water – I haven’t tried this particular remedy but keep hearing it works.
  • Avoid trigger foods – During my first pregnancy any hit of raw onion sent me into a heartburn tail spin. Pepperoni did too. During my second pregnancy anything tomato based set me on fire. My husband is Italian so this was so sad. I did become pretty efficient at cream sauces though! I have heard that greasy, fried, and spicy foods tip off some people too.
  • Almond milk – Something about it “cools” me down.
  • Anise or fennel seed tea – Sadly, I’m not a tea drinker, but I’ve heard these teas are effective in helping digestion and therefore aiding in less heartburn.
  • Plain yogurt – I’ve been making my own yogurt in the slow cooker for quite some time and having a few bites before and after meals were helpful in quelling any potential burn.
  • Small meals – Sometimes I would become so hungry and want to inhale everything, but I soon realized that large meals are a killer in the heartburn department.
  • Slippery elm – I never became desperate enough to try this remedy, but before considering a prescription I’ve had a few friends who have found success with mixing slippery elm powder with honey. Slippery elm aids in digestion and neutralizes stomach acid. The honey helps it go down easier.

Did you experience heartburn throughout pregnancy? If so, what did you do to survive?

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