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8 Responses to Hinduism: My Stepping Stone To Natural Parenting

  1. Acacia @ Be Present

    Wonderfully written, beautiful story. Your parents sounds so supportive and warm. It really speaks to their wisdom and humility that they are so open to support your parenting style even though it differs on the surface from theirs. I hear of so many people whose parents aren’t so supportive because of those differences.
    Hinduism is a beautiful, peaceful way of life and have always felt drawn to it. Thank you for sharing. I’ve added your blog to my subscription list!

  2. Kat

    Lovely article Arpita 🙂 It’s wonderful that your parents are so supportive and that they instilled in you the inquisitiveness that led you to feel compelled towards natural parenting.

  3. Arpita  

    Thanks for the comments ladies! Glad you enjoy the article! I am definitely lucky that my parents are starting to come around to other approaches to parenting and learning with me!

  4. Melissa K.  

    I really enjoyed your story, Arpita. I believe that a willingness to learn from life’s lessons is one of the best qualities a parent can have!

  5. Rebekah  

    Awesome article, Arpita. I love when you talk of the desire you had to reassure your mother and the bond that is there. And also you and your husband’s journey into attachment parenting. 🙂

  6. Darcel @ The Mahogany Way  

    Love this! I enjoy reading about how others find their way to natural parenting.

  7. Mama Mo @ Attached at the Nip

    Oh, I especially loved the part about gentle grandparenting. I would have to say that’s what my parents are doing, too! I’ve been trying to be an advocate for natural parenting for my siblings and cousins by way of example.

    Great piece, thank you for sharing!

  8. Stacy (Mama-Om)  

    Thanks for sharing your story — and the photos!

    I loved reading how your willingness to learn what life presents to you brought you to the path of natural parenting. That really resonates with me.