Holistic Health Practices

Parents research medical choices and make educated decisions regarding all health care (circumcision, vaccinations, medical interventions, medications, etc.). Many families choose to use alternative or natural healthcare such as herbal remedies, chiropractic care, natural childbirth, and so on.

To learn more about holistic health practices, take a look at the resources below. If you have specific questions about this category or know of additional resources that should be on our list, please contact us.

Holistic Health Practices Resources Topic List

In General
Cough and Cold Treatment
Cradle Cap
Rashes and Skin Conditions
Constipation and Diarrhea
Teething Remedies

In General


  • The Case Against Circumcision (a downloadable PDF reprinted from Mothering): Four incredible articles for parents including “Why the Pain of Circumcision Lasts Far Longer than the Procedure,” “The Long-Term Legal Implications of Informed Consent,” “The Case Against Circumcision: A Primer on the Importance of the Foreskin,” and “Protect Your Uncircumcised Son: Expert Medical Advice for Parents.” The last two articles are both by Paul Fleiss and have a wealth of information about the natural penis.
  • The Truth About Circumcision and HIV, Gussie Fauntleroy: Fauntleroy takes a close look at some of the recent research on circumcision, HIV, and what it means for American parents and babies.
  • Doctors Opposing Circumcision Genital Integrity Policy Statement: DOC presents this comprehensive statement – with links to scientific research – to explain its support for genital integrity.
  • The Circumcision Resource Center: A “nonprofit educational organization with the purpose of informing the public and professionals about the practice of male circumcision.” Here you can find extensive information, articles, and research about circumcision. It also has a sister site, Jewish Circumcision Resource Center, which focuses on the religious aspects of circumcision
  • Circumcision: A History of the World’s Most Controversial Surgery: A comprehensive book about the history of the practice of circumcision, and how it has become the most common (yet most controversial) surgical procedure in America.
  • Attorneys For the Rights of the Child (ARC): A nonprofit legal organization which focuses both male and female circumcision (FGM), though primarily on male circumcision because of its relative prevalence to FGM in the United states. The attorneys in ARC assist families whose children were circumcised without consent or have died from the procedure. ARC also aims to someday be able to extend legal assistance to all persons who were circumcised without their consent.
  • Circumcision Information and Resource Pages: The Circumcision Information and Resource Pages are an Internet resource that provide you with information about all aspects of the genital surgery known as circumcision.
  • Intact America: A great resource for anyone seeking information about keeping children intact, Intact America also has many concise one-page flyers available, including “10 Myths About Circumcision,” “Myths and Facts about Circumcision,” “Foreskin Facts,” and “Foreskin Care Guide for Parents.”
  • National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource: NOCIRC was founded by healthcare professionals to provide information to expectant parents, healthcare professionals, educators, lawyers, ethicists, and concerned individuals about circumcision and genital cutting of male, female, and intersex infants and children, genital integrity, and human rights.
  • NOHARMM: National Organization to Halt the Abuse and Routine Mutilation of Males is a non-profit, educational and direct-action men’s network organized against circumcision of healthy male infants and children.
  • Saving Our Sons: A site dedicated to informing parents and health professionals about the benefits of leaving children intact.
  • The Whole Network: The WHOLE Network is a grassroots, not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing accurate information about circumcision and proper intact care. They supply information to both medical professionals and the general public, both in the United States and abroad.

Cough and Cold Treatment

  • 9 Safe Alternatives for Treating Children’s Cold Symptoms: Little one is sick and you are looking for some safe alternatives to help them feel well (or at the very least comfortable) again. This link will give you nine alternatives to safely treat little ones’ symptoms. With information on what to use, how to use it, as well as the difference between a cool mist humidifier and a steam vaporizer.
  • Cold (Upper Respiratory Infection): This site will provide answers to some of your cold questions, such as: Can vitamin C prevent a cold? What are some complications of a cold? What is the difference between a cold and the flu? And most important to parents, What can I do to prevent a cold?
  • Colds and the Flu: We all worry about our children catching a cold, but what about you? As parents we need to stay healthy too. This site gives information not only for children but adults too. It contains tips on preventing a cold, and what medications are safe for a cold for both adults and children.
  • Common Cold: Four pages of useful information including Symptoms, duration, when a cold is contagious, prevention and more. This site offers a wealth of knowledge from medical professionals.
  • Coughs, Colds, and Sinus Infections: From AskDrSears.com, useful information about cold/cough symptoms. When to worry and information to put your mind at ease. With suggestions from Dr. Sears and even some home remedies to help your little one feel better when a cold strikes.
  • Elderberry Cough and Cold Syrup Recipe, by Crunchy Betty: A fun, easy, effective recipe for homemade cough syrup.

Cradle Cap

  • Natural Treatment for Seborrheic Dermatitis, Cradle Cap, Dandruff, and Itchy Scalp, by Kitchen Table Medicine: Natural remedies, and an investigation of possible causes.
  • Cradle Cap – Coping with a Crusty Crown, by MotherNature.com: Tips shared by a doctor about treating cradle cap, and when to contact your health care provider about possible infections.
  • Natural Cures for Baby Woes, by Kiwi Magazine: Doctor-recommended natural remedies for common infant ailments, including cradle cap.
  • Eczema

    • Baby Eczema: If you are a first time parent or this is your first experience with possible eczema, you may be wondering “Is it eczema?” While you may confirmation from your child’s doctor, this article has some answers about what eczema is, how you can help flare-ups, and how to avoid them. It also has pictures of what eczema rashes can look like.
    • Eczema Remedy Blog: For those looking for many different eczema answers all found in one place, Eczema Remedy Blog is a blog that is dedicated to everything eczema. With many topics from three inexpensive natural remedies to try, Eczema in infants, Eczema in toddlers, medical studies about eczema reviews, and much more.
    • Natural Baby Eczema Treatment and Prevention: This site can provide you with helpful tips for finding green-friendly doctors like Dr. Greene and Dr. Sears who have tips on reducing eczema flare-up. You’ll also find tips on known eczema flare-ups, such as humidity and foods known to be culprits, as well as things that can help such as a hypoallergenic formula for babies on a formula diet.
    • Natural Remedies for Baby Eczema: This site talks a lot about moisturizing to help eczema flare-ups. Two recipes can be found here: one for a homemade oatmeal bath and the other for a natural skin wash. You will not find much information about eczema causes here, but the recipes make this page worth a look.

    Rashes and Skin Conditions

    • Common Baby Rashes, The Mayo Clinic: This slide show compiled by the Mayo Clinic offers examples of the seven of the more common rashes in infancy and toddler-hood, including eczema, yeast infection and heat rash.
    • Rash, Dr. Sears: Wondering the difference between lacy and blotchy? Despite its lack of photos, this guide to rashes from Dr. Sears is a valuable resource for its glossary of rash terminology and breakdowns by rash of contagious periods, potential causes and treatment options.
    • Eczema in Toddlers, Livestrong.com: This overview of eczema can answer many of your questions about the condition, offering symptoms, common triggers and easy ways to lessen the discomfort for your child.
    • Keratosis Pilaris, Dr. Alan Greene: Do you or your child seem to have permanent goosebumps? It could be a common hereditary skin condition. This article from DrGreene.com gives an explanation of the rash, potential treatments (including nothing at all), and ends on a sweet, positive note.
    • Common Childhood Skin Problems, Webmd: Depicted in this slide show are several rashes associated with childhood illnesses such as sixth disease and scarlet fever, in addition to afflictions that may be mistaken for a rash, like warts, impetigo and ringworm.
    • Plantain: Herbal Adventures: From relieving the itch of bug bites to soothing diaper rash and eczema, ointments and salves made from plantain are healing and soothing. Read about the many uses of this natural herb.


    Constipation and Diarrhea

    • Constipation, by Dr. Sears: Dr. Sears helps you identify constipation in babies, toddlers and older children, then gives tips for easing the discomfort and getting things moving.
    • Baby Poop: What’s Normal?, by Jay L. Hoecker, M.D.: Every new parent wonders if their baby’s stool is normal. This rundown of color and consistency can either reassure or help troubleshoot.
    • Constipation, Age 11 and Younger, by Palo Alto Medical Foundation: In addition to offering reasons for the occasional back-up, this article gives causes of chronic constipation.
    • Diarrhea, Dr. Sears: What diarrhea is, is not, and how to manage it for your child.
    • Dehydration and Diarrhea in Children, by Canadian Pediatric Society: What does dehydration look like? How does diarrhea spread? Can I still breastfeed on demand? This article answers common questions and helps see you through to recovery.
    • Herbal Remedies for Diarrhea, by Discovery Health: While all these remedies might not be suitable for your little ones, we’re all hit with the occasional bug. Next time something disagrees with you, try this article’s tea recipe.

    Teething Remedies

    • Natural Teething Remedies, by Hippie Dippie Bébé: Remedies as accessible as your finger and cute as amber teething necklaces, this list covers some of parents’ best-loved tricks for soothing their babes’ aching gums.
    • How to Massage a Baby, by Raw Gaia: Massage can not only be comforting and relaxing during the sometimes intense time of new teeth, but massaging your baby’s face, jaw and gums can also alleviate the pain of teething!
    • 17 Home Remedies for Teething, by Discovery Health: What is teething and how do I make it stop?! Discovery Health discusses the process, tells you what to expect and gives you some easy tricks to help your little one through the discomfort.
    • Amber teething necklaces, by Inspired By Finn: Popular with parents for their good prices and safe design, Inspired by Finn is a go-to for buying your babe’s teething necklace or bracelet.
    • Hylands and Boiron, two makers of homeopathic remedies for everything under the sun, offer products to ease the pain of teething in gel, liquid and tablet form.
    • Amber Teething Necklace, by Amber Artisans: This site helps explain why amber works the way it does and gives some great options for purchasing your own amber.
    • Camilia Teething Medicine: Camilia is great for the natural relief of symptoms of teething, including painful gums and irritability. Also helps in relieving minor digestive disorders sometimes associated with teething.



    • Thrush, by PubMedHealth: This overview of thrush, or candidiasis, can help you identify an infection, lists causes and potential risk factors, and lets you know what to expect as you recover, either on your own or with treatment.
    • Natural Remedies for Thrush, by Natural Family Online: In addition to a description of what oral thrush can look like in your child, this site offers a few natural remedies for helping along the healing process.
    • Care for Candida, by Breastfeeding Basics: This in-depth article covers yeast infections of all kinds, from diaper rash and oral thrush to yeast infection that’s spread from baby’s mouth to mama’s nipples. With ideas to alleviate the discomfort, photos and a timeline to feeling better, it’s a comprehensive resource.
    • Preventing and Removing Gentian Violet Stains, by Breastfeeding Essentials: Gentian violet is often suggested as a remedy for candidiasis, but anyone who’s used it knows: it stains! Here are some tips to get the stains out, or avoid them altogether.
    • Preventing Thrush, by Kellymom: Antibiotics often open the door to overgrowths of yeast, resulting in thrush or other yeast infections. Kellymom offers some information about how probiotics may help.
    • Thrush FAQ, by LLLI: La Leche League International answers a common question from nursing mothers: Is thrush causing my sore nipples?
    • Candida Protocol, by Breastfeeding, Inc.: This site offers well-researched information about thrush, a common infection related to breastfeeding.
    • The Identification and Treatment of Thrush, by DrJayGordon.com: Dr. Gordon’s page on the treatment of thrush.


    • Colic Calm Gripe Water, by Colic Calm: The First Homeopathic Gripe Water. Colic Calm helps fight the source of colic, not just the symptoms.
    • The 411 on Natural Colic Remedies, by Colic Calm: Five great, natural ways to help soothe a baby who has colic or other tummy troubles without using medicine.
    • The Cause and Treatment of Newborn, Infant, and Baby Colic, by Colic Calm: An informative resource explaining the many causes of colic and concrete steps you can take to relieve the symptoms.
    • Natural Colic Relief, by Choose Natural: This article discusses chiropractic care as a valid method of treating colic.
    • Herbal Remedies for Colic, by Earth Mama Angel Baby: A clear explanation of alternative treatments for colic.
    • Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water, by Mommy’s Bliss: This site offers several tabs to click through for information on the all-natural gripe water made to ease gas and stomach discomfort often associated with colic, hiccups and teething.

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