Homeopathic Remedies for a Healthy Smile

Written by NPN Guest on August 29th, 2013

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Growing up, my little brother spent way too much time at the dentist and orthodontist, and I always felt bad when he came home in pain because another tooth “needed” to be pulled. My husband suffered the same fate and has terrible childhood memories of the dentist’s chair. As an adult, he continues to struggle with painful and sensitive teeth.

While I never had to experience that excruciating pain, besides having my wisdom teeth removed (which I would not have done now and will not make my kids have this procedure, especially after the American Public Health Association even recommended against it), I was wary of any dentist who looked at my mouth too suspiciously.

In our journey towards living more naturally, I’ve become very skeptical of modern dentistry, especially after reading story after story of people healing their cavities through nutrient-dense foods and special diets. When nutritional therapy does not work, there are a number of holistic dentists who treat the whole person, and that is exciting. We’ve seen vast improvements in my husband’s dental health using intentional nutrition (like bone broth, raw milk and cod liver oil), and in seeking out a dentist who treats the whole person.

For our kids, though, in addition to making sure they are consuming nutrient-dense and nourishing foods, we also give a little boost to their systems homeopathically using two specific cell salts: Calc fluor 12x and Calc phos 6x.

According to homeopath Joette Calabrese, “It generally takes a good amount of time, however Calc phos 6x and Calc fluor 12x taken thrice daily, for many months has been shown to strengthen and aid in the growth and integrity of children’s teeth.

See Joette’s website for dosing recommendations.

She also recommends these two cell salts for nursing mothers and for people who have eliminated dairy from their diets. Breastfeeding, especially when it is extended, can take a lot of nutrients from your bones, and by supplementing with these two cell salts, you’re preventing that from happening.

Homeopathic Remedies vs. Cell Salts

Cell salts, while falling under the umbrella of “homeopathy,” are actually a little different. Cell Salts are minerals that naturally occur in the body and are prepared in homeopathic form. Some people like this approach better than overall homeopathy, because none of the cell salt remedies are derived from potential poisons that might scare those who are new to alternative medicine.

There are 12 Essential Cell Salts, which include 3 different types of calcium, iron, 3 types of potassium, magnesium, 3 types of sodium, and silica. In the diluted homeopathic preparation, the minerals can be absorbed by the tissues of the body either by taking them internally or adding them to salves or creams and applying to the skin. Unlike vitamin or supplement therapy, the diluted forms of the cell salts encourage your body to re-balance itself, rather than trying to replace what you might be missing.

Joette explains that “these two remedies make a great combination since Calc phos ‘is concerned with formation of bone and teeth and [is] an important remedy for children’ and Calc fluor “is found in the surface of bones and in the enamel of teeth.”

I just bought my first tubes of these remedies, stirred it into our gallon of milk, and hope that consistent intake of these cell salts will give my kids (and us!) some extra back up and contribute towards a healthy and pain-free smile.

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