How Did I Get Here? A Poem

Written by Kristin on April 26th, 2012


Poetry is something I have always been drawn to, both reading and writing.  I did a fair bit of writing related to classes and coursework in high school, college, and even some creative writing classes after that, and always loved the challenge and what came out of it.  However, with kids in the picture and no pressing deadlines, I find I rarely write (creatively, anyway!).  This poem started about a year ago, inspired by HoboMama’s April Poem-a-Day challenge.  I only made it a few days before I petered out of the daily poem writing, but this poem spoke to me and I just finished it recently.  I hope to post more poetry on my own blog, new and old, in the coming months…


How Did I Get Here?

How did I get here?

A thousand ways,
yet one foot after another.

Like a sky full of droplets
high in the mountains,
running together, gathering speed
headed for the sea.

Through the forest and out
into blinding sunlight,
fields of daffodils,
craggy mountain tops.

Oak savannah and rows upon rows
of corn and soybeans in the spring…
Dark gray pacific rain
seeping into everything,
washing us clean and delivering us into June.

Paths lost and roads wandering,
stumbling, sometimes
we lost our footing
and found ourselves in another world,
so far from where we started…

Do you remember? Do I?
Am I still following the thread?

Oh, here it is,
fumbling along in this poem.
In the curling wisp of tea steam rising up,
in the kitchen, as we dance and cook together.
In the joyous hug
of a rose-cheeked child…

Cracks in that wide gaping sky
waking my memories,
pointing the way
through time.

By Kristin Hutchinson 04/2012

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You can find Kristin at Intrepid Murmurings, where she blogs about embracing creativity, urban homesteading, dairy-free cooking, twin-parenthood, and three amazing girls every day.

3 Responses to How Did I Get Here? A Poem

  1. Kat @ Loving {Almost} Every Moment

    So lovely…I love the sentiment of it…I ask myself that question often too…and I always find the answer in the seemingly simple things, that actually mean the most.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lauren  


    When I got to “In the curling wisp of tea steam rising up,” I felt my chest expand with a huge breath of “Yes,” and that feeling continued through those daily precious moments. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Brighid

    I loved this Kristen! You are inspiring…