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6 Responses to How to Increase Your Chances of Having a Safe, Natural Birth

  1. Ruth

    Lovely article, and very true! Not only have I read many studies showing that a female doula and/or midwife helps a woman desiring a natural labour, I have also experienced it myself. I had a student midwife in training who acted as my doula (no cost involved, just experience for her). I absolutlely loved her, she was wonderful. I managed a two day labour with a posterior baby completely naturally thanks to my loving husband, the fantastic midwife I had, and our wonderful student midwife. Without her, I am sure it would have been an anxious and overhelming experience. I took only one class in hypnobirthing, and due to my daughter coming early we had no birth prep classes! So these two women got me through the labour and delivery, and they did so with ease. I was able to maintain composure, be aware of everything happening, make my own choices and stay polite with no screaming!! They are amazing sources of support, encouragement and professionalism. I love my husband and I am glad he was there, but I do not know that I could have done it without these women. Our student midwife has recently qualified, and we still stay in touch. She is just amazing in how she has helped. Our son was an emergency caesar at only 25 weeks, and our student midwife even came in to see me then. She is just beautiful. The utter joy and exhileration a mum feels after a natural birth is a far cry from the surgical birth with a room full of strangers. And I am so grateful for our natural birth, I went home just hours afterwards (I had to stay one night after the caesar) and have never felt so empowered. Those hormones really do help us through it, and help us to bond with our babies! I also LOVED the breastcrawl that the midwives had our daughter perform at birth, since the labour was unmedicated. That is something I will never forget.

    • Dionna  

      What a wonderful natural birth story, Ruth! My son was also a long labor with posterior presentation, so I empathize 😉 And how touching that your midwife was there to help you deal with your son’s birth – that must have been so terrifying and alien after your first birth.
      Thanks so much for reading and for commenting, I appreciate it!

  2. Ruth

    Posterior babies are certainly stubborn from the start 😀 The presentation makes it harder, but so rewarding to get through it! Thank you for such a great article, I will post a link to it for other pregnant mums hoping for a natural delivery. It would have been nice to read this before my first birth! It helps to remember that our bodies are designed to birth, our hormones help us, and many routine medical “helps” can actually hinder and harm the natural birthing process. The caesar was not a nice way to deliver after a wonderful first birth. I just hope many more women are able to experience the satisfaction and appreciation of natural birthing. There is nothing else quite like it, and a very beautiful experience. So thank you for this valuable article!! xx

  3. Sheryl @ Little Snowflakes  

    I didn’t experience a natural childbirth with my first baby, but have implemented some of your suggestions this time around for my second baby – I am using a midwife as my health care provider(rather than an OB) and also will be supported by a birth doula. I am keeping my fingers crossed that with their support, I can do it this time!

  4. Tabetha Smelser  

    Reading more and more articles like this make me all that much more certain that having a Doula is something I definitely want for the birth of my first baby, and every baby after that.

    Also, I need to figure out what my right would be in a hospital. I want to be able to say no to procedures if they are absolutely unnecessary.

    Such a great article!!!