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6 Responses to How to Manage Your Child’s Fever at Home

  1. Life Breath Present  

    We believe in fevers around here, too. Last week, though, when Baby Boy had a slight fever I started to feel the pull to mainstream. I stuck with it…and it turned out Baby Boy must be starting to teethe again – oui!

    • Megan Heimer

      Teething is no fun! Children release histamines when they are teething that can give a virus direct access to the brain. Maybe the body heats up to create an environment that is too hot for a virus to thrive. 🙂
      Hope your little guy feels better!

  2. Richard Johnson

    Excellent article! We had our grandson stay with us for the first year of his life. He did NOT get any vaccines. Nor does he do “well” checkups. The couple of times in 17 months of his life when he did see a physician, the comments were “this is the healthiest baby I’ve seen. What are you doing?” I am educated in medical microbiology and did research into vaccines when I was in college during the Jurassic Period (1975). That research is precisely why I eschew vaccines for myself and my grandson. Natural immunity is different from artificial immunity!!! Anyway, getting back to Dallas, he finally contracted a virus and developed a fever. Since the mother and child were with us, I was able to calmly explain the function of fevers and we did nothing but monitor him. I said as long as he is alert, we are good. The baby fat is there to serve them when they can’t eat. You are right on the button about the body shutting down appetite to focus the resources on the infection. Most pathogens don’t do well in elevated temperatures. The elevated temperature is PART OF THE IMMUNE RESPONSE. By the way, he loves the outdoors (dirt) and he has placed about half the planet into his mouth. I never worry. I just smile and say to myself, “he’s all boy”. I did the same thing when I was his age and I do not get sick very often myself. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months, and I am very impressed! Keep it up!!


    • Megan

      Wow Richard! Thanks for the insight and the complements on my blog. It’s so neat to have your perspective and I completely agree with it. The body has some amazing healing capabilities! Dallas sounds like such a healthy kid. I am glad you were there to explain the importance of a fever. The first fever can make a Mama nervous! 🙂

      • Susan E

        Awesome words Richard. I also read about vaccines after my friends who didn’t vaccinate. I have been reading, watching, researching, comparing since the early 90’s and so when we had children, we knew that we would never vaccinated. So thankful for that.

  3. Maria  

    I just wanted to share my concerns with using peppermint essential oil around children under 6. There’s a possibility of it causing breathing difficulties. Robert Tisserand is said to be the authority on Essential Oil Safety. Lea, a certified aromatherapist follows his guidelines and has a great blog. http://www.learningabouteos.com/index.php/2014/02/07/essential-oils-and-children/