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6 Responses to How We Eat Footloose and Fancy Frugal

  1. Kristin  

    Great tips! I really need to work on using our leftovers and not over-cooking, I know we do more of that than we should. Though now, we can at least feed it to the chickens! But better to try and use our food better. Thanks!

  2. Lisa @ Organic Baby Atlanta

    So I kind of wasn’t expecting to learn much new from this article when I saw the title, but I did. I have been using cloth towels instead of paper towels for years, but I don’t have any that I’m happy with. My mother always brings paper towels when she babysits because it drives her nuts! But I neblver thought of the bar towels. Those are awesome. I remember them from when I worked in a coffee shop. I just bought some! For some new cloth napkins, too, because I only have the awful polyester ones. Yay, new cotton household stuff! Not quite as exciting as new diapers — but close. 😉

  3. Zanni Arnot

    I so relate to this article. We live similarly. I don’t think I have ever once used a paper towel or paper napkin, we recycle what we can and we never throw out food. We often use whole chicken instead of pieces, and make soup from left over roast of any kind. Come by and check out my sit http://heartmama.net 🙂

  4. Street Smart

    These are very practical ways of getting extra savings. Thank you very much for sharing.