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4 Responses to I Did Not Birth a Syndrome

  1. Danielle

    Spencer is one cool dude! Happy and blessed to be part of his life!

    Thank you for voicing the pain and frustration of family choosing not to learn more about their new relative. This can apply to a wide range of differences among kids. Some people are too comfortable with their limited knowledge and assumptions. Ignorance/denial only limits their future relationship with the child and frustrates Mom and Dad.

    Way to be a good advocate for your son!

  2. Michelle

    Jorje, I went through a similar experience before and after Coltons birth. I tried to educate as much before he was born but uncalled for remarks were still made. I ended up not talking to my mother my entire pregnancy. She fell in love with him afterwards though. I still educate as much as possible and im obviously still learning. I am so glad you shared this information though. You are a great person and mother, your children are amazing, and Spencer is exactly what you said, a perfect and healthy little boy. I love his sweet hugs and love seeing him sign. Im very thankful for knowing you both. 🙂

    • Momma Jorje  

      We still wait for foot-in-mouth statements when visiting family (though THEY don’t seem to realize they taste toe jam), but I guess its a bit easier now that I can see how much they do love him. Perhaps if they made a little more effort to understand, we might make more effort to visit…