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7 Responses to Being Inspired by Reggio Emilia

  1. June Park  

    I loved Reggio Emilia as a concept from the second I heard of it when I trained to become a teacher in the U.S. There are also expidentiary schools here in the U.S. which also focus on the outdoors. If we had the opportunity to put our children in a community run Reggio Emilia school here we would. For now we will just use this and other philosophies as we homeschool them.:) Thank you for the info!

    • Emily Bartnikowski  

      You’re welcome! Those links I gave at the bottom have some amazing ideas for implementing it in your home — a lot of which I’m sure you’re already aware of, but it’s nice to find a like-minded community. Enjoy your schooling!

  2. Moorea Malatt  

    Brilliant! I have been thinking about Reggio a lot! I used to teach Reggio and there are no Reggio schools by us so I am actually contemplating opening one.

  3. Laura  

    Oh I am so excited to see this post!! I just bought Playful learning in an attempt to get myself organized for a few days of “preschool” with Liam… thanks for the info and links at the bottom!

  4. Christine @ African Babies Don't Cry  

    This is great, I have heard a little about Regio Emilia and love the sound of it, love the way it is child-led 🙂