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12 Responses to Intro to Elimination Communication Part 2: Practice

  1. Juliette

    Thanks for this – we’ve been practicing part-time EC for about 6 months (my son is 10 months) and I’m amazed how well he responds even considering how part-time it really is.

    I’ve been lazy lately because it’s mid-winter, the house is cold, and it’s such a pain to dress and undress him. But he’s developing yet another nasty rash, so it’s time to break out the legwarmers, suck it up and start taking him to the toilet again. Your post was timely 🙂

    • Melissa  

      I’m so glad it was timely for you, Juliette! It truly is amazing how well infants respond to having their needs met in this way, even when we aren’t as consistent as we’d like to be.

      Happy communicating, and happy New Year – may it be a rash free 2011 😉

  2. Julian  

    I have been practicin g EC with my 15 month old for about 6 months. I like what you have to say about ECing while out of the house.

    Normally, If my little guy signed for the potty or did his ‘pee shiver’ while we were out of the house I would simply cue him in his diaper and assure him that I would change him out of it as soon as I was able to.

    recently that hasn’t been good enough for Oliver and he gets really upset if I try to cue him in the diaper. (for some reason he is not nearly as worried about it at home, likely because he gets too busy with his toys and books to mind too much) So I took the plunge while we were out for lunch today and I held him over the toilet in the washroom of the cafe.

    I was so surprised when he went! Normally he sits on a potty insert or little potty, and every time I’ve tried one of the ECing ‘holds’ he’s wiggled out of them. But he calmly stayed in position and even cued himself to go!

    He was so proud of himself that when we got to the table be kept signing to his father about the potty and repeating ‘oh wow!’

    • Melissa  

      Go, Oliver! That is absolutely awesome! Thanks for sharing your success story!

      I like how you mention the “pee shiver.” My daughter does what I imagine must be the same thing, but I never could decide how to describe it. That’s the perfect description.

  3. Acacia

    Both articles were just what I needed to get started on ECing with my 8 month old. I’m nervous about it, I’m afraid I won’t notice his cues, but I’m going for it and figuring I feel this way because the concept is so brand new for me. I mean, I can tell when he wants to eat and sleep, so why not pee?

    Thanks so much!

    • Melissa  

      “I can tell when he wants to eat and sleep, so why not pee?” Exactly!! 🙂

      So glad you found the information here helpful. You’ll have to share your tips and tricks with us once you’ve gotten started!

  4. Maria D. @ Downright Domesticity  

    Love your idea about EC’n on the go! I’ve been EC’n part-time with my four-month old since he about 5 weeks old. I agree, the main thing is to be relaxed about it, because all the misses get extremely personal if you don’t! 😛 I actually just wrote a post last week about falling off the EC wagon and getting back on: http://downrightdomesticity.blogspot.com/2011/01/time-for-ec-update.html

  5. Tiffany

    We were doing great. Going diaper free almost all the time at home but then my son started asking to wear the diaper and would get quite upset if I didn’t put one on him. He doesn’t mind being wet so I am at a loss…

    • Melissa  

      Tiffany, how old is your son? From my own experience with my daughter and everything I have read from other moms, regressions are completely and totally normal. When we leave choices surrounding pottying up to our children, we leave ourselves open to their making a choice we don’t expect (or like!).

      My own 18 month old had what felt like a bit of a regression this week and I often get frustrated, but when I refocus on communication as the goal, I realize we’re doing just fine

  6. Kacia  

    HI! Thank you for this post – We’ve been ECing with my daughter from about 3 months on. She rarely pooped in her diaper from 3-7 months….but during this 7-8 month time frame [crawling, cruising, i’m sure teeth, soon!] she’s regressed! 🙁 pooping a lot more, even right after she may pee on the toilet. Did you find this happened? Any advice??? thanks!!

    • Melissa K.

      Hi, Kacia. I’m so glad this article was helpful for you! You are definitely not alone in the regression department. I have heard countless stories that are very similar, and have seen the same in my own daughter. When a baby is focused on some other developmental skill (crawling or cruising, for example!), or is dealing with some other discomfort (teething! or illness) or disruption in routine (travel, etc), it seems to be a very common thing for regressions to occur. I don’t have much advice, but can assure you it is definitely normal and things should go back to the way they were in due time. In times like those, I had to remind myself that the goal was not so much to catch every single pee or poop as it was to communicate, and give my daughter the confidence of knowing that I was there to meet her needs. It sounds like you’re doing great!