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Written by Shannon on November 12th, 2010

Featured Blogger

Jessika Bailey is a stay at home mother whose children are 16, 2 and 1. She began practicing Natural Parenting by following her instincts. Or rather, she followed her instincts as a parent, and later found out there was a name for it! With two toddlers her daily routine is, “nurse, nurse, nap, nurse, nurse, eat, nap, nurse, nap, nurse, nurse.” When she has time for herself she practices yoga and goes to her mommy group’s Mom’s Night Out. Somehow, she finds time in her busy day to manage our blogroll.

Jessika started her blog, Job Description Mommy “as a means to share information I come across, and
chronicle my journey through motherhood.” She started the blog in August 2010, and is proud of how fast her readership has grown and the wonderfully encouraging comments she has been receiving. “It is easy to fall into a pattern of self doubt. Especially when you haven’t found time to shower in a few days, you haven’t slept in a few years, and all that you seem to do is sit around and breastfeed all day. I am proud of not falling into a funk. I am enjoying every second of it, [the blog] is doing tremendously well, and I truly believe if you do what you love, with love, from your heart . . . you will be successful.”

What can you read about on her blog? Reviews of natural parenting resources, giveaways, and helpful safety information, among other things. These are her favorite three posts. Check them out!

Jessika says that motherhood has changed her completely, especially her passions and dreams. “I want to teach yoga one day, become a doula, and homeschool my babies when they’re bigger. I suppose my biggest passion is my family, and my biggest dream is to become the mother I know I am supposed to be.” She looks forward to building friendships by being a part of the Natural Parents Network. “I hope I am able to inspire other mothers through contributing, and touch the lives of others like mine has been touched by the women I have met through NPN thus far.”

Thank you Jessika, we appreciate all your hard work. You’ve inspired us already.

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3 Responses to Featured Blogger: Jessika Bailey

  1. JoAnn STEWART

    Congratulations Jessika. your mother is proud of you and your drive to be a good MOM. You are truly amazing.

  2. Lauren  

    What beautiful quotes! I’ve been so glad to get to know you, Jessika. Thank you so much for the hard work you’re putting into NPN. We appreciate you!

  3. Stacy (Mama-Om)  

    I really enjoyed this post. Great idea, and a wonderful blogger to feature!