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Written by Shannon on June 17th, 2011

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Julia has been married for 9 years and is the proud mama of one child in heaven, Shannon, and one here on earth, Marcella (almost 2). She believes that Christ is the Cornerstone of her parenting. That means gentle discipline, natural living, and not having obedience be the primary goal. “I see this as a problem in Christian circles, and felt strongly that I should blog about it even though I was kind of scared in the process.”

Through her blog she has been able to reach out to the larger Natural Parenting community, and also into the community closer to her home. She was delighted one day when a member of her church said she had been led to Julia’s blog by another member because her post about trusting in God through hard times had been helpful to her. “I didn’t know either one of these girls even knew I had a blog and was especially glad that something I had written was helpful to them.”

Julia previously blogged about her wedding, newlywed bliss, trying to build their new home, and trying to conceive, but got out of the habit. A friend was interested in hearing more about her parenting style, and specifically her problems with certain popular parenting beliefs. Julia realized that blogging would be a perfect way to share her thoughts on parenting and more. She wishes that she had more time to edit and write on her blog, and was less afraid to write about topics that make her feel vulnerable, a struggle I’m sure many of us can relate to. She has many blog topics including parenting, Christianity, food, books, reader spotlight, product reviews, and much more. Here are her three favorite posts.

  • How Motherhood Came to Me, written for inclusion in Mothering’s “Writing Into Motherhood” writing workshop. This post is all about how her struggles on the way to motherhood have affected her life and changed who she is as a mom.
  • Miscarriage: My Story, Part 1 and Part 2. Julia wrote these posts to help others who have suffered from a miscarriage know that they are not alone, and the feelings of grief they have are valid. “It is painful to relive it, but it is also important for me to remember. My child was a real human being even if he never lived outside my womb, and we love and miss him every single day.
  • Waterbirth, she wrote this post to dispel some of the myths about water birth, and share her own experience.

Julia loves to spend time with her daughter, and tries to incorporate her down time into her daily life, sometimes even while nursing. She and her husband like to plan family outings and date nights on the weekend when there aren’t other obligations, and she does occasionally spend time out with girlfriends, but she’s always ready to get home to her family. “My daughter has pushed me to become a better person and do what I believe is right even if others disagree.” Julia loves that through NPN she has access to a great community of like minded parents sharing their gentle approaches to parenting.

I love your unique voice, Julia. Thank you for sharing your struggles with us.

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