July Winners

Congratulations to all of our July giveaway winners!

For the Pocket Diaper from Baby Babu giveaway:

My 23 month old son loves wearing his Baby Babu diaper because he is a huge fan of monkeys. How can you not love this sweet design?


Baby Babu is a company out of Melbourne, Florida started by the parents of twin boys. Their goal is to provide high quality, sustainable, and affordable diapering solutions for parents around the world. They offer everything from cloth diapers to biodegradable disposable diapers to various kinds of cloth diaper accessories like wet bags, inserts, and diaper covers. Baby Babu also offers free shipping on all orders.

You can purchase your own pocket cloth diaper, as well as various other kinds of cloth diapers, biodegradable diapers, and cloth diaper accessories at Baby Babu. No matter what you choose to order, you will get free shipping!

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For the Basic First Aid Naturokit from NaturoKits giveaway:


The Basic First Aid NaturoKit contains a wonderfully convenient variety of natural and homeopathic remedies for stings, scrapes, bruises, burns and other injuries or illnesses.

You can purchase your own First Aid NaturoKis at NaturoKits for $75.00 + Shipping.

They also offer a First Aid MiniKit for only $22.00 + Shipping that includes activated charcoal, arnica and their Wild Weed Salve, along with a detailed usage guide and cotton gift bag.

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For the Parenting for Peace giveaway:




Parenting for Peace presents a set of principles that parents (current and expecting) can adopt and adapt to their families to raise the next generation of peacemakers. The principles are:


Axness applies these seven principles to seven different “steps” of our parenting lives, from cultivating a fertile mind and body to shepherding our children into the world. Through scientific research and data from experts in diverse fields, Axness shares a road map for how to raise a peacemaker.

You can purchase your own copy of Parenting for Peace on Amazon for $12.63.

Or pick up a signed copy plus the CD “Calm Authority for Mothers” at Marcy’s website for $39.95.

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  • Follow Marcy Axness on Twitter.

For the Cool Cap and Two Cool Straws from GreenPaxx giveaway:

Caps and Straws


The Cool Caps are large, flexible lids that fit over a variety of cups or glasses. The Cool Straws are two piece straws that are flexible and can be used alone or with the Cool Caps. Both items are portable, flexible and reusable!

GreenPaxx was started by a mom of four who is also a nurse. She was looking for a way to get more fruits and veggies into her children and started making them green smoothies. After one too many spills of those lovely, organic smoothies, she invented the Cool Caps and Cool Straws. The company’s mission is to create toxin-free products that replace disposable, one time use items and give people greater control over what toxins leach into their foods.

You can purchase your own Cool Cap and Cool Straws at GreenPaxx. A two-pack of Cool Caps in either blue or pink is 9.95. A four-pack of Cool Straws in blue or pink is also $9.95.

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