June 2013 Winners

Congratulations to our June giveaway winners!

Beauty Without Cruelty

For the Beauty Without Cruelty giveaway:


For over 40 years BWC has been a company with a mission — ethical, cruelty-free products that are made with natural, safe ingredients. All BWC color cosmetics are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and are fragrance-free. Their nail colors are free of toluene, formaldehyde, and pthalates.

You can purchase your own vegan beauty supplies at Beauty Without Cruelty.

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Captain No Beard SeriesFor the Captain No Beard Series giveaway:

Andrea, Caroline and Elisa!

Stuck in the Doldrums is a full color picture book for children about the continuing adventures of a young pirate named Alexander, his cousin Hallie, and a menagerie of a crew. Follow their adventure and discover the important truth inherent to all parents and caregivers – with power comes responsibility. For more reading fun, check out the rest of the Captain No Beard series.

You can purchase your own Stuck in the Doldrums, along with the other book sin the series at Barnes and NobleAmazon, or Create Space. The books sell for approximately $10 each and shipping ranges by site.

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DSCF2240For the Dental Care Package From Fuchs giveaway:


Eco-Dent offers a comprehensive line of high-quality natural oral care products. Fuchs Toothbrushes are available in a range of types and sizes to meet the unique and changing dental needs of all ages, toddler to senior. Eco-Dent premium natural dental care products and Fuchs Toothbrushes can be purchased online at Lotus Brands Inc. and a variety of other online retailers, and are available at many natural food stores locally.

You can purchase your own Fuchs Toothbrushes and Eco-Dent products at Lotus Brands Inc..

The Fuchs Toothbrushes Nylon Bristle Medoral Jr. Child’s toothbrush is available for $3.25, the 2 oz. Bottle of Eco-Dent DailyCare Original Mint Toothpowder for $7.79, Eco-Dent Premium Dental Floss Mint Travel size (40 yds.) GentleFloss for $3.79, Eco-Dent Between! Cool Mint Dental Gum for $1.99, and 8 oz. bottle of Eco-Dent Ultimate Daily Rinse-Sparkling Clean Mint for $9.89. Prices do not include shipping, which is free on orders over $50.

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Wishbone BikeFor the 3-in-1 Wishbone Bike giveaway:


The Wishbone Design Studio Apple-A-Day 3 in 1 bike is the perfect bike to encourage exercise and physical activity in children. This bike does not have pedals, which encourages children to kick to push themselves along while learning balance and coordination.

You can purchase your own Apple-A-Day Limited Edition Bike at Wishbone Design Studio. Wishbone Design Studio also offers several other wooden ride-ons such as the Wishbone Flip and Wishbone Bike. They also offer various accessories for their products. Wishbone bikes and accessories are also available on Amazon. Prices range from $9.95 to $249.00.

In the mainland USA, Wishbone Design Studio offers free shipping for any order over $100. New items can be returned with no time limits.

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Little Green PouchFor the Little Green Pouch giveaway:


Little Green Pouches are reusable baby food pouches ideal for everything from milk to pureed blueberries. They’re sturdy, durable, and cute. The collapsible funnel and dissolvable labels make for easy refilling and keep you from losing track of food’s freshness.

You can purchase your own pouches, funnel, and dissolvable labels at LittleGreenPouch.com. The 4-packs of pouches are $14.99 each, rolls of labels are $5.99 each, and collapsible funnels are $5.99 each. They also offer spout extenders, extra lids, labels, and other fun accessories for your pouch set.

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