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Kissed by the Moon … Touched by the Earth is an online store that offers various affordable ways to use cloth diapers and accessories as well as other products that contribute to living in an environmentally friendly way. Their website emphasizes education and awareness, particularly through their Cloth Diapering 101 section, and multiple money-saving opportunities.

Many people can probably identify with the story of how Kissed by the Moon was founded. Tami fell in love with cloth diapering after she began using cloth on her daughter in 2006, and then after getting laid off from her teaching job, she decided to pursue her dream and start an online store. That dream has now grown into a successful reality as Kissed by the Moon offers 19 different cloth diapering brands as well as many ways to experiment with cloth diapering without making a huge investment.

Here are a few of the affordable options for cloth diapering offered by Kissed by the Moon:

cloth diapers
Cloth Diaper Rentals:

Rent new diapers for your newborn and save money! You can pick the kind of diaper and the length of time and not have to worry about investing too much money in a size that doesn’t last for long. Kissed by the Moon gives you cash back when you return the diapers.

used cloth diapers
Loved Diapers:

Kissed by the Moon offers excellent deals on used diapers! Buying secondhand is an environmentally friendly and frugal solution to investing in cloth.

cloth diaper
Free Shipping & Specials:

Kissed by the Moon offers free shipping all the time, as well as weekly discount codes and deals!

You can also save money with Kissed by the Moon’s Kissed Cash Rewards Program or make money since they buy loved diapers.

Visit Kissed by the Moon’s website today or connect with them on Facebook or Twitter.


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