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11 Responses to Laundering Cloth Diapers

  1. Melissa  

    Thanks for a great resource on diaper laundry, Jennifer! I appreciate the simple nature of your diaper laundry supplies. It seems to be that the secret of getting clean diapers is “less is more.”

  2. Tina

    Perfect timing, thanks so much! I just got a bunch of new diapers for baby’s arrival next month and have been feeling overwhelmed with all the “instructions” out there. Can I ask you a couple of follow up questions? 1.) The pic on the blog shows a front-loader… is that what these instructions are for? (That’s what I have and it’s hard to find consistent info). 2.) How many diapers can you wash at a time? I have a front loader and some people say only 10-12 diapers/wash (pocket diapers) and some say 24+ per wash. I’d like to do as few washes as possible, yet stay clean (I rent and have to pay for each wash). Thanks again!

  3. Lauren  

    Thank you so much for the valuable info! As a first time mom to be this year & a cloth diaper newbie ( no one I know personally cloth diapers) I have been researching, and your wash routine seem to be the best and most practical I have found so far. Not to mention eco friendly *which I love* because of all the line drying.

    Thank you so much again. What are your thoughts on Sun Free and Clear or Purex Free and Clear?

  4. Lauren  

    Tina, I too rent and have to pay for each wash. Have been thinking about getting a Haier portable washer, another girl mentioned she washes her diaper in that machine instead of the shared machines at the laundry mat. Just an idea. 🙂

  5. Jennifer S

    Hi Tina! Glad that this post was helpful. I have a front loader so I guess you could say that this routine works best for me and my front loader. Front loaders are tricky as the presoak options are not quite the same “soak” as a top loader. That is why the cold prerinse works so well.

    I wash every other day, regardless of the number of diapers. Odors tend to build up if you wash every three days. So I do not go by the number of diapers although I have washed almost my entire stash at one time after my daughter had a crazy intestional flu. I crammed 30 diapers in the wash and they were fine. I do not see a real need to wash every day unless your stash isn’t that large OR you have a heavy useage day (like with an illness).

  6. Jennifer S

    Hi Lauren! I hesitate to advise you to use something like Sun or Purex free and clear. Yes, they are going to be more gentle on the diapers BUT they are still chemical laden which over time will degrade the diapers more than an all natural alternative. My friend uses Seventh Generation and said that it does a decent job but she finds that she has to strip her diapers often. Planet is honestly awesome and if you can swing it, go that route and only use it for diapers (unless you can afford to use it as your main detergent). You can get a good deal on it through Diapers.com. My most cost effective suggestion is to follow the link I provided for the Peaceful Housewife’s shop. Her detergent is out of this world and works on EVERYTHING!

    One thing to keep in mind about “non-eco friendly” detergents is that if you do use them (and I am not saying that they will not work) you will want to triple check that ALL the detergent is completely out of the diapers. For some reason, those detergents like to linger a bit more than the ecofriendly ones.

    I hope that was somewhat helpful. You have to use what detergent is most convenient for you and that actually works! The fact that you are using cloth is the most important part. Don’t let detergent hold you back! 🙂

  7. Shannon R

    I’m so jealous of all these sun posts! When my yard is finished I’m asking for a laundry line. I use All Free and Clear. I have a top loader HE machine and I use 1/4 the amount of detergent suggested by the label to wash 2-3 days worth of diapers. I recommend in my consultations for washing with front loaders about the same amount of washing detergent or soap. Though I have yet to take the plunge into finding a new detergent since my last Eco-friendly disaster with washing. Great post!

  8. Tina

    Thanks again!

  9. Zoie @ TouchstoneZ  

    Awesome post. This is another I’ll be adding to my “resouces” list to refer people. As you show, it’s so easy once you get into a routine that works for you. Washing in shared machines is doable and good to be in the habit of before traveling, too.

  10. Julie  

    Great post! I usually prep new diapers by washing with other things (linens and such). This way I don’t waste water or electricity. The great part with synthetic materials is that they only need to be prepped once – very easy. Natural fibers though take a fair bit more work. But it’s amazing how many loads of towels we seem to do in our house in a given week. So easy to throw them in at the same time.

    Just important to make sure that you use a diaper manufacturer recommended detergent, anything else will void warranties – not fun when you’ve dropped a lot of money on a cloth stash 🙂