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4 Responses to Learning Sign Language with Babies and Children

  1. Alicia @ Lactation Narration  

    Just as an FYI, Rachel (owner/creator/star of Signing Time) prefers that people buy directly from her website http://www.signingtime.com/ because several of the sellers on Amazon are selling unauthorized copies that were pirated in China. She has an ongoing battle trying to get these unauthorized copies removed from Amazon and other sellers. The only way to be sure that you are not getting a pirated copy is to order directly from Signing Time.

  2. Dionna  

    Thanks for the FYI Alicia!

  3. Jenny  

    we love the signing time!! I was able to get an entire BST set at babysteals and my daughter loves them! she’s almost 3 and still signs. this is especially useful since my brother in law is deaf and my daughter enjoys being able to communicate with him. i’d love to get the ST set but it’s just too expensive.. watching out for signingtimes’ thanksgiving sale 😀

  4. Bri

    We used with our first daughter starting around 5 months- her first “word” was ball, in sign. After that was milk and many many others. We used Signing Time videos from the library and bought some in addition to the book I had from taking classes in college (extracurricular).

    Her speech and vocabulary is impressive- as we are repeatedly by others. So it did not hamper her verbal speech development in any way. And she does still sign occasionally but that because all of us have stopped using it so much.

    Now we have daughter #2, Baby Signing Time is back out in full force for the family to refresh ourselves and I’m already signing “milk” to her @ 6 weeks old knowing it will be a while before she can respond but as she continues to develop I know that having the grown up sign and respond to her needs will only reinforce the bond of communication.

    And I very much agree that it can/ should be considered a second language as much as spanish, german, french or anything else. I wish there was a signing group near us, kids sessions and/or college classes offered nearby.