Top 10 Reasons to Leave Your Son Intact

Written by Mandy on March 5th, 2012

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10.  80% of the world’s male population is intact.

9. It is easier to clean an intact infant’s penis than to deal with open wounds in a diaper which is routinely filled with urine and feces.

8. Foreskins are functional, protecting the glans while containing sensitive nerve endings and blood vessels.

7. It is a parent’s duty to protect his/her child. Circumcision is painful.

6. Pain and shock from circumcision disrupt bonding, breastfeeding, and sleep patterns in newborn infants.

5. Complications include infection, abnormal bleeding, removal of excessive amounts of skin, loss of part or all of the glans, urinary issues, and death.

4. It is illegal in the United States to circumcise a female against her will or who has not reached an age of majority. Circumcising infant males is discriminatory.

3. There is NO medical benefit to routine circumcision. Removal of the foreskin does not prevent STDs. It does not lessen the chance of developing penile cancer.

2. Once done, it cannot be undone.

1. If it isn’t your body, it’s not your decision to make.

Circumcision is a deeply personal decision. Let’s leave the decision to the person who owns the penis. Say NO! to routine infant circumcision.


This article has been edited from a previous version published at Living Peacefully with Children.

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11 Responses to Top 10 Reasons to Leave Your Son Intact

  1. Amy

    Wonderful. I decided to keep my dear son intact and could never be happier with my decision. I wrote an extensive reason on my blog, focusing particularly on the difference between biblical and present-day circumcision:

  2. Emily

    Awesome post! Concise and to the point!

  3. Jim

    As an intact male, I’m living proof there are no ill effects to having a normal, uncut penis. Evolution created that flap of skin for a reason, and I’m thankful my parents had the foresight way back in ’62 to leave me and all my younger brothers whole! Routine daily cleanliness and common sense personal hygiene is all that’s needed, just like washing behind your ears. Myths concerning appearance, tradition, hygiene, so-called medical benefits and religious reasons are in my opinion unjustifiable…there’s absolutely no reasons whatsoever to butcher a normal, healthy newborn boy’s penis…period!

  4. DrMomma  

    Perfect short and sweet list of 10 powerful reasons to keep babies whole and happy as they come into this world! Well done, Mandy.

  5. Jaclyn Reynolds

    Excellent list! My 3 boys are all intact!

  6. Laurie A. Couture  

    I think reason #2 should be Because it is legalized rape and torture.

  7. karen

    As the mother of 3 sons i initially made my decision based on my heart – now 24 years later i have never been happier that i felt as a mother lion “no one is coming at my baby with a sharp intrument and cutting him!”

  8. Katy Wolfer  

    I decided against circumcision for many of these same reasons!

  9. Susie

    Great list! Loved learning about #10 and loved #1.