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2 Responses to Leaving a Co-Sleeping Baby Alone in Bed

  1. Naomi

    I’m pregnant with my second child, but my first child is much older. (She’s 14 years old at this point. And very much in her own bed.) One thing that I’m considering that I’ve wondered if others have done is putting the “family bed” in the baby’s room. Basically, we’d plan for mom & dad & baby to sleep in there, on a queen mattress on the floor, during the newborn phase, but have a second bedroom that my husband and I can utilize for intimate time or if one of just really needs baby free sleep time. But then, as baby gets older, we’d sleep in our own room more often. I was thinking that with this kind of set up, rather than asking the small child to adjust to both sleeping in a different room & bed, and to sleeping alone, we’d only be asking the child to adjust to sleeping alone in an already familiar environment. Has anyone tried this? Thoughts on the practicality? (Another thing I thought of with this set up is that should we have overnight guests one room could function as the guest room and accommodate two adults. We don’t have enough bedrooms to have a dedicated guest room…) Two birds with one stone or just plain weird?

  2. Tracy

    Hi, I’m really interested in your post and your situation as mine is very similar. I have been co-sleeping since birth with my nearly 6-month old and it’s been awesome – cannot imagine not doing it. We have a double mattress on the floor which has worked really well (although my partner has to sleep in the spare room or on the floor next to us as the mattress is a little small for us all!) However, because of the co-sleeping, our little one ends up going to bed around 9:30pm – probably a lot later than he should and is usually napping on us downstairs until we go up to bed – meaning we don’t really do much in the eve anyway. We could potentially go to bed earlier (I’d be happy to get in bed at 8pm!) but my partner is often not in from work till around then so don’t really want to be in bed already when he get’s in. Day time naps are usually on one of us or in the sling – the moment we put him down, he wakes up! Am trying to work out how best to start getting him to bed a little earlier (say 8pm which is when he tends to get tired) without us having to go to bed then too, for us to have some time together, but also for less disruption for him, he tends to wake as we take him upstairs. Long term I want him to be on a mattress on the floor in his room, so am thinking of starting him on a cot mattress next to ours (essentially swapping places with my partner) as this would be lower to the ground in case he goes off the edge! As he is still feeding around 3 times in the night, I want him close enough to be able to nurse lying down without too much disturbance. I also generally nurse him to sleep but as I sleep with him this hasn’t really been an issue for us so far. Be really interested in anything you’ve found that has worked for you. Also great that you are posting about this as it’s a subject too few people talk about openly! Thank you