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3 Responses to Letting the Rhythm Find You

  1. teresa  

    What you describe does sound magical to me.
    I had such a similar ride from my ideal and what reality has been… and of course the little soul that comes to us does have his/her own rhythms too, don’t they. That’s a big part of it. If we are too intent on our preconceived notions we could miss out on who they are and what they brought.
    In my little family, we seem to have created a rhythm unique to us.
    I still want to add more ritual and “magic”, but when I *try* too hard it doesn’t work. It seems to work better when I aim somewhere, lay out some special things and then allow my family to create the dance together.
    Lovely post, thank you.

  2. Amy G  

    Beautifully written! I have a board where I write down everything I want to accomplish and show to Q-ball, but pretty much it takes months for me to get to any of it. A few months ago, I started to do the Motivated Moms checklist, and I actually really like it and feel really accomplished. But, getting all of the checks on my cleaning only gets me so far! Like you described, there is so much more to enjoy in life!