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Written by Shannon on July 16th, 2011

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Luschka, her husband, Martin, and their daughter, Kyra, live in the UK. They love to travel, having been to 13 countries in the 20 months since their daughter was born. Their extended family lives all over, with her parents in South Africa, brother in Australia, and sister recently returned from Norway. Because of all the traveling they’ve been doing in the last year, they don’t have a set daily schedule, but Luschka thinks that the benefits of travel are totally worth it. The family is just settled into a new house, at least for now, and are looking forward to setting a regular naptime.

Luschka writes for Natural Parents Network, as well as providing advice as an Ask the Mentors mentor. She has written about Preparing For Natural Childbirth, shared a poem she wrote for her daughter, and a beautiful post about Passing On Attachment Parenting. AP is how she has found her way as a mother, “if I’m honest, most of my parenting has been informed by those wearing the ‘natural parents’ badge. I hope to be able to pass that on to another woman somewhere, also starting out as a parent, or a parent looking for a different way of doing things.” While pregnant, Luschka ended up in the hospital with severe dehydration at 20 weeks, after her doctor’s mistreatment of her Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Researching treatments for her illness lead to reading and researching about birth and parenting choices, which lead her to the Natural Parents community online.

Luschka learned so much from her research while pregnant and in the early months of Kyra’s life that, “if I spoke to a pregnant or new mum, I was like a fountain, gushing out stuff and I HAD to find a way to get it all out of me.” She started her blog, Diary of a First Child, to share the information she had gathered. Below are her favorite posts.

  • Birth Story In Pictures, a beautiful video slideshow of the birth of Kyra. “I was a blogger before I became a mother, and before I was pregnant, but giving birth to this little girl was the start of a whole new life for me.” And it all started on Luschka’s birthday, how cool is that?
  • Calpol – What Every Parent Should Know, a discussion of why she avoids Calpol (Tylenol in the US and Canada), and what to do if your child has a fever. This is the most popular post on her blog, and she is proud of how it shows off her skills in research.
  • Letters To Kyra, a series of monthly posts to her daughter. These are such intimate and lovely posts, and I’m sure they will be a treasure to Kyra as an adult.

Blogging helps Luschka keep her brain stimulated, along with crafting, photography, and spending time with her friends. Because they don’t have any family living nearby, she and Martin find it hard to find time for themselves, but they work it in when and where they can. They also relish their family time, and they especially love introducing Kyra to new experiences like swimming. Luschka dreams of raising her daughter, being debt free, and owning their own home, but, “I am content in my life as it is, and apart from the occasional hot dark chocolate pudding, I don’t wish for anything else.”

Those are all admirable dreams, Luschka, and ones that I definitely relate with. Especially the pudding. I look forward to reading about your family’s journeys and travels.

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