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6 Responses to Maple Sugaring Season

  1. Marci  

    I am so glad he is being included in the rituals of your farm life. I was so sad to see the Tuttle Family Farm was up for sale. It was the oldest family farm in America. Keep on keeping on!!!!

  2. Ruth

    We enjoyed fresh maple syrup on pancakes for breakfast this morning! With sugaring season in full swing in New England, and our supply refreshed, I’m thinking of other ways our family may use the sweet stuff this week: glaze for ham tomorrow night and my hubby’s favorite–over vanilla ice cream!

    It’s nice to know it’s totally natural and we appreciate how much hard work goes into producting it: 40 gallons of sap yield just one gallon of syrup, so we use it sparingly!!!

  3. Ruth

    Just wanted to add what a beautiful legacy your family has and what wonderful memories you are creating for Joshua!!!

    You are so lucky!!!

  4. Rachel  

    I love March mainly because of sugar shack visits! Recently I discovered the wonders of roasting root veggies with a touch of maple syrup, beetroots are especially yummy that way.

  5. Terri S.

    I just read this post as I was enjoying my breakfast of pancakes drizzled with maple syrup. I never thought of adding it to my tea instead of sugar. Thanks! It’s perfect. Joshua is a very lucky little boy to be a part of this wonderful tradition in your family. Our neighbor’s son taps the maple trees on his property – the syrup is soooo good. 🙂

  6. Rebecca Ellert

    Abbie. Great blog. You don’t know me, but we are related:) I, too, am a Ct. farmer’s daughter. Born and raised on an active dairy farm in Tolland. I am sad to say most of the land has been sold off. My dad passed early in life and mom could not continue on her own. The existing 18 acres are still farmland, with a prosperous horse stable in full swing. It’s nice for me to drive by and remember the wonderful times growing up there. Hard work, but that’s what it’s all about on the farm. Nothing like the ahhhh…at the end of the day. I wish your family the very best as you continue to hold fast this precious land and legacy. Blessings, Rebecca