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Today we are pleased to introduce you to Snugabell, one of our valued Natural Parents Network sponsors.

From our reviewer, Amy at Peace For Parents:

Snugabell is the home of PumpEase, a special breastfeeding garment to make pumping a breeze, as well as other mother-friendly items. They live up to their tagline “supporting the beauty of breastfeeding” through offering moms fashionable items they can use to feel good about themselves – and they have spunk, too.

I have to admit when I considered the possibility of writing about Snugabell, I wasn’t sure because I am not skilled in pumping. For the past eleven plus years I’ve mainly just nursed my babies while occasionally hand expressing. I wondered if I was really “qualified” to be sharing information about a business specializing in pumping. So I decided to contact the founder, Wendy Armbruster Bell, directly and see what she says about Snugabell.


How do you feel your products and mission support mothers and families?

Our products were created to take the “frump” out of becoming a mom. I bought very little nursing or maternity clothing because it was ugly, expensive and because of the special flaps, openings or panels. Once you had the baby or were finished nursing, you couldn’t wait to get rid of it.

Our products are the total opposite of traditional maternity and nursing wear – functional, yet fashionable. I think this supports mothers and families because it eases the transition to motherhood for everyone. Anything that helps a mother breastfeed, especially when she is getting comfortable nursing in public, is good for the whole family. And for moms, it helps them get their “mojo” back during what often is an un-sexy time of their life. Our Facebook and Twitter profiles have grown into a wonderful community of support and information thanks to our resident CLC, Amy West. We are proud to “be there” for so many mamas!

Snugabell Toni Top

What inspires you to do what you do?

When a mom contacts me and tells me that she would have given up on breastfeeding and/or pumping if it wasn’t for PumpEase, it literally brings tears to my eyes. Now with the Toni Top line, I really get off watching expecting and new mamas strutting around because they feel sexy, confident and beautiful – because they are!

What are a couple of things you want everyone who interacts with your site to know and take away?

We are here to help you. Our goal is to “wow” you with our customer service. We are proud to manufacture here in Vancouver because we believe in supporting the local economy.

Tell me something unique, funny, or interesting that may help someone remember you and your business.

I went to school for fashion design and then had a baby and my two worlds collided. I love things that scare the crap out of me – roller coasters, bungee jumping, motorcycles…


Well, all of that was enough to make me curious. So I decided to visit the site to discover what the PumpEase is all about, along with the other items offered by Snugabell.

PumpEase by Snugabell

The PumpEase is a pumping garment that allows a mother to have her hands free while pumping, which is very helpful to moms who would like to get things done while expressing milk or who may experience soreness in wrists or arms while holding them in one position for a long time.

Snugabell offers PumpEase in three options with various, fun color choices: Best for Babes (all proceeds are donated to the Best for Babes Foundation to help parents have the information and support they need to make informed feeding decisions), PumpEase hands-free pumping bra, and PumpEase Organic. From the testimonials I read, the PumpEase is highly appreciated by mothers who pump.

Nursing Mother Goddess Necklaces

In addition to the breastfeeding apparel, Snugabell also offers various supportive items such as door hangers to preserve the privacy of a pumping mother, fridge magnets with breastmilk storage guidelines, and my favorite – Nursing Mother Goddess Necklaces.

The mission of Snugabell is “to support moms’ decision to breastfeed through education, community, and beauty.” They educate the community in various ways, including their blog and through participating in various events. As Wendy said, she also feels grateful to be creating supportive community through Facebook and Twitter.

Just for our readers, Wendy’s offered a special coupon code:

Save 15% off any purchase
with discount code NPNSAVE15.

My conclusion? Snugabell offers busy moms a viable option for simple, hands-free pumping along with the support to breastfeed and mother in a way that nurtures a mother’s sense of well-being through comfort and fashion. As we all know, comfort is important and for many – fashion is, too! Thank you, Wendy, for taking the time to share your story with us and for sponsoring the Natural Parents Network community.

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Information About Our Reviewer:

Amy Phoenix is a gentle yet direct parenting guide, healing facilitator, and mother of four with a passion for helping parents tune into their roots to parent in the present. Amy shares insights and practices to heal the past, transform anger and frustration, co-create harmonious family relationships, and experience the peace of the present at Peace 4 Parents.

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