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Written by Shannon on January 29th, 2011

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Before the birth of her now 10 month old daughter, Melissa was a Montessori teacher. Now as a stay at home mom, she and her husband are enjoying watching their little one grow and become her own person. They are both proud to be “nerdy bookworm types.”  While she is still new to parenthood and excited to learn all she can from other parents, she feels that her skills at research and her background in Montessori give her insights to share with others. “Doing things differently from much of society just adds to (motherhood’s) challenges. I really look forward to learning from parents who have been there and done that already.”

Melissa started blogging to reflect on her new world as a mother. She wanted to “remember what worked and what didn’t, and to keep track of our traditions and the rhythm of our daily life as a family.” As she blogs she has found that she loves sharing her perspective with other parents and receiving encouragement from commenters. Her posts are full of the wisdom she has gained.

  • The Case for Instinctual Mothering, “It’s time for us as mothers to trust ourselves, and to make our own decisions, based on sound judgment and what we intuitively feel is right for our individual children, because we know them better than any doctor, nurse, or ‘expert’ ever could.”
  • The Semantics of Breastfeeding, written for inclusion in the Carnival of Nursing in Public at Nursing Freedom, Melissa talks about the first time she saw someone nurse in public and how grateful she is that the mother was confident in her rights to do so.
  • My Declaration of Independence, it can be so hard to talk to new people without feeling judged when you have a non mainstream lifestyle. Melissa bravely decided to come out in the open about her life with this post.

Melissa writes for Natural Parents Network about early childhood parenting and her viewpoint as a former Montessori teacher. Her experiences watching the parents of her students are what lead her to Attachment Parenting. She made extra money as an intern babysitting for some of the families at her school. Once, for an overnight stay she was asked to cosleep with the child as they had a family bed. “I was respectful of the way she did things, but in the back of my mind thought it was a bit strange.”

Over time she came to see the wisdom of these mothers, and now is fully committed to many Natural Parenting techniques, such as elimination communication, sleep sharing and extended breastfeeding. Melissa also feels that parenthood has made her a much more passionate person. “I feel so much more responsibility now than I ever have, and it makes me want to do more and be better every day.

Welcome to the wonderful world of parenting, Melissa. It’s an amazing journey, and I look forward to reading about your adventures.

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11 Responses to Featured Blogger: Melissa K

  1. Amy  

    Thank you for sharing your perspectives, Melissa and thank you Shannon for writing. 🙂

    I worked at a Montessori in high school and loved it! Our older two children attended a public Montessori in Michigan and enjoyed the experience very much.

    This quote really highlights how we can view things before we understand them…
    “Once, for an overnight stay she was asked to cosleep with the child as they had a family bed. “I was respectful of the way she did things, but in the back of my mind thought it was a bit strange.”

    That’s great you were able to meet the mother where she was and take care of her child in the way she desired. I look forward to reading more.

  2. Jessica Lang @ Cloth Diapering Mama  

    Great Feature!

    Melissa, I really appreciate your honesty!! I respect and admire your declaration of independence. Your little one is a lucky lady!

  3. Suchada  

    Melissa, reading your introduction makes me feel all warm inside. It’s so nice to meet like-minded mothers and go on this journey with them. I’m looking forward to poking more around your blog!

  4. Shannon R.  

    I love finding out more about the other volunteers. I to was at first confused about AP but when I became a mom I felt it met our needs as a family as well.

  5. Mama Mo @ Attached at the Nip

    It’s so great to see you featured on NPN, Melissa! You have been such a fabulous resource for my own learning about Montessori… thank you for sharing your insights! I love getting another mama’s perspectives, and you are very well-written 🙂

  6. katie m

    I’m adding her blog to my regular reading list. Thank you for sharing!