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Written by NPN Reviewers on April 16th, 2011

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From our reviewer, Amy of Anktangle:

Natural Family Supplies is a WAHM (work-at home-mom) business owned by the Beal family, headed by parents Nicole and Jeremiah. The shop was started after researching products to buy in preparation for the birth of their third child, and now it’s a great resource for all the things a natural family might want or need!

The shop carries a wide selection of quality and affordable “gear to go green.” Green gear includes everything from reusable sandwich bags and bamboo utensils, to household cleaning products and reusable menstrual options, to cloth diapers, diapering accessories, natural toys (and more)! I’m also incredibly pleased to see that they even have VOC-free wooden baby furniture and organic mattresses.

I’ve been browsing this shop a lot, trying to narrow down my list of favorite products that they carry to just a few, and it’s been really difficult. There are so many great things I could get from this store that fit perfectly with the way I like to care for my home, my body, and my family. But, I wanted to show you a few things they have that I love (even if I couldn’t pick favorites).

Envirosax reusable shopping bags:

I cannot say enough good things about these bags. I own several of them, and they’re my family’s go-to bag for grocery shopping. They are gorgeous (and come in lots of different colors and prints), quite large (we hardly ever use more than three for a trip to the grocery store), and they fold up super-tiny when they’re not in use. I keep one in my purse and one in the diaper bag, for those impromptu trips to the store. I love that Natural Family Supplies carries these bags because they’re the best shopping bag I’ve found yet!


These are something I’ve had on my list to get for our stash of toys for imaginative play for a long time. Natural Family Supplies has a large selection of playsilks, including regular playsilks as well as playsilk skirts, silk crowns, and silk streamers. They’re all so beautiful—it makes me want to get right in there and play, too.

Baby/Child Carriers:

I love babywearing. If I had an unlimited budget, I’d buy even more carriers than I already have (and I already have several), because I would just love to try them all out. Natural Family Supplies carries both stretchy and woven wraps, as well as soft structured carriers, ring slings, and mei tais.

Enter to win:

Natural Family Supplies is sponsoring an Earth Day Sweepstakes on their Facebook page, where you can win a prize package of green and natural products valued at over $250!  The grand-prize package is chock-full of green and natural products from To-Go Ware, Loofah-Art, Charlie’s Soap, Envirosax, among others.  

The sweepstakes ends April 21st, so enter today!

Also, for a limited time, NPN readers get 15% off of their total orders by entering code NPN15 when checking out. So go on over to Natural Family Supplies and check out everything they have to offer. I know you won’t be sorry!

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Amy writes about the things she holds close to her heart: family, delicious food, and many aspects of natural parenting. She is passionate about natural childbirth, breastfeeding, gentle and intuitive parenting, and respecting all people, no matter how small. She’s figuring it all out as she goes, following her instincts with her son as her guide. She blogs at Anktangle.

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