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7 Responses to The New Faces of Feminism

  1. Jenn @ Monkey Butt Junction  

    I love this very timely post. Right now we as women fighting a war on all kinds of fronts. As mothers and as women our value is being challenged and questioned in ways that we as a nation haven’t seen in decades. In my own state, for example, we’ve recently been stripped of the right to seek remedy in the court for unequal pay even though women in this state are still paid 75 cents for every dollar paid to a man. We have so much work to do, and the idea that we can do it while choosing to be mothers, mothers who rely on their instincts, their own wisdom and their natural intuitions, is so darn crazy that it just might work.

    • Acacia

      Thank you for your words. It is amazing what a long journey we still have here in the US and still further around the world. I can’t imagine being able to do it without a little bit of crazy and a strong connection to the heart, in which lies our instincts.

  2. Liz

    I loved your article. It is a beautiful desire to want to love our children more. I do think, however, that the idea that instinct can be re-learned is counter intuitive, since instinct comes with a species and is pretty much defined as unlearned behavior. I do, however, very, very much appreciate all your efforts in creating this post. I get what you are saying. I, however, am certain that instinct runs so deep within me regarding especially my children that my greatest of grandchildren will still have it. There are so many types of feminism. I think you have just created another. Thank you, this woman appreciates you.

    • Acacia

      Thank you for your praise 🙂 I agree completely- intuition is natural, not learned, and it runs deeply through generations. What I am trying to express through my article, though perhaps not so clearly, is that we can become and (many) have become disconnected from our intuition. Not that we don’t have it anymore, but that mothers can lose touch with it. We have become very much a scientific society. From preparing for our babies before birth to where they will begin kindergarten, so many of our decisions are either carefully researched and planned by ourselves or by the “experts” that we turn to. We have developed the habit of parenting from the Head, when being consistently connected with our Intuition requires parenting from the Heart. I am simply encouraging us to find a way to reconnect with the intuition that still lives deeply within.

  3. Mia

    I love the article, Acacia. So timely and so true. So many of our predecessors have fought for many of the rights we take for granted now. We need to remember to continue the fight by using our voices to continue some and regain other choices we want in our lives. Thank you for your bright spirit!

  4. LAni @ Boobie Time Blog

    this article is amazing! so necessary! thank you

  5. Rebekah  

    Beautiful article. Breastfeeding, pregnancy, birthing, parenting – it’s all part of feminism as much as anything else. Thank you.