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11 Responses to New Shoes for Mama

  1. Emily  

    I also fail (often) at modeling how to take care of myself. It’s generally the last thing on the list. I’m trying to be better though. Thank you for the reminder that mama needs to take care of herself as well. I’m glad you got new shoes!! You definitely deserve them!

  2. Shonnie

    Bravo for your husband for supporting you to get both pairs of shoes and yea to you for accepting. Is so easy as mamas to forget that what our kids learn is usually what we do (even the stuff we wish we didn’t do). By attempting to “teach” them we get to be the student and learn as well. Enjoy your new soles Kellie!

  3. Laura B.  

    Thank you for this post… just today, I was struggling with my desire for some workout clothing that actually fits. I believe this is my answer!

  4. Dionna  

    Amen, sister! Our children DO need to know that we are worthy – of time, of effort, of love, of special things. We give so much of ourselves to and for our kids, we deserve love in return 🙂

  5. Lauren  

    Absolutely! I’m so glad you got both pairs of shoes.

    I have to admit — I’m a HUGE Mary Janes fan myself. 🙂

  6. teresa  

    I’m so glad you got those mary jane’s!! They’re too cute.
    And I also agree that it’s so important to model self care for our children. And even not just bare survival, but that you can allow yourself to have more than the bare minimum.
    I’ve had a similar, or parallel awakening this year in the area of not always putting myself last. I didn’t realize until my daughter started ordering me around like a servant. Not all the time of course, but sometimes. Well, as I thought about it, I realized that I am the one who always gets up to “do” for her and my husband. All the time. And actually it was when I heard some things coming out of her mouth that I realized I’d started letting my husband speak to me in ways that were not acceptable. I’d tell her “please don’t speak to me that way, it’s not kind or not respectful…” And it was clear that he was doing it and that’s where she got it.
    Well, my husband was pretty horrified to realize this too. (and clearly had to change it)
    But part of it was because of how I was not considering myself to begin with.
    I won’t go on and on, but there it is.
    We do have to love and care for ourselves as if we’re as precious and valuable as our incredible children.
    Of course we put their needs first, but there’s room for us too.
    Great post.

  7. Erika @ cincodemommy.

    I totally relate. I can justify never NEEDING anything for myself, but it is a lesson the kids take to heart. And not a good lesson — although I’m thrilled the 90s are back!

  8. Alisha

    Oh, I love this, and I can relate perfectly. I literally don’t know how long it’s been since I got a hair cut, because there is always some more pressing need for that $25. New shirts for the little growing boy (after hours of fruitless thrifting), vehicle registration due, God only knows what else.

    And the shoes…I think it’s because they are hard to find at the thrift store, but they are always my lust object.

    This is such a good reminder to model not *always* putting myself last.

  9. Kenna Lee  

    Brought tears to my (admittedly premenstrual) eyes.

  10. Michelle Bowman  

    Love this post. It is so important to remember to occasionally put ourselves first (coming from the mama that hasn’t had a trim in 6 months).

  11. Morgan

    I have Dansko wing tips that look like your Mary Jane’s pictured here. Kudos for treating yourself!