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Written by NPN Guest on June 2nd, 2014

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Natural Parents Network: The Nouveau Feminist

We are the next generation of feminists. We have been taught as children that we are as good as men. That we can do anything men can do. We are CEOs and judges and IT creators and analysts. We rank in the military and are secret spies. We are top-quality actresses and comediennes and run businesses and start things. The world is our sexually blind oyster.

And then we get pregnant. Tell me, how does one birth “just as well as a man”? How does one recover postpartum “just as well as a man”? The first feminists’ answer was in passively ignoring this process. Twilight sleep was their secret to waking up to a baby “just as well as a man.” Women today enjoy the equality we have because of it.

But women of today have not answered this question of being a woman “just as well as a man.” Their secret is analyzing it: breaking it into parts and making projections. They work at their 75-hour-per-week consulting jobs until their water breaks.

The womanly power is lost because we are trying to analyze ourselves and place an image over ourselves, rather than letting the womanhood flow from within. The feminine energy is extremely important in birth. Feminine energy means allowing that which you cannot control to happen. We can get a sense of where we are and where we are going based on the rhythm, but we cannot control it by any analytical concept.

We are the next generation of feminists who say, “Yes, I am just as good as a man; I am also something incredibly powerful in my own right.”

If you want more information on stepping into your own feminine power, take a look at Susun Weed, Sacred Pregnancy, and The New Feminine Brain, by Mona Lisa Schulcz.


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2 Responses to The Nouveau Feminist

  1. Amy  

    Thank you for this simple, straight forward sharing. Embracing our personal power in the feminine is different from trying to prove we are as good as men. Way different. I appreciate the reminder.

  2. Crunchy Con Mom  

    I think I agree with you 🙂
    I usually don’t publicly identify myself as a feminist because I reject the idea of equality through “being like men”. I think we are awesome because we are women, not despite it, and that we should respect and exalt the things that make us women!