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3 Responses to Nutrition Information Labels Don’t Change Eating Habits

  1. Lauren  

    “Most people choose taste and price over nutrition.” Very true, and convenience. Particularly, when we didn’t have much money, I’d weigh those four elements every time I went food shopping, and one or more always had to come up short.

    Actually, that’s what I was thinking about when you were giving reasons why people choose fast food. We used to eat it a lot, and our reasons were that it tasted so good (and it does, if you’re used to it!), it was easy to get to (good for on-the-go meals especially), and it was relatively cheap. We’ve since cut it out of our lives, but I do understand why it’s appealing.

    I like your ideas for educating children on why we eat what we do. I don’t often remember to process my feeding decisions out loud, but it’s a good way to let them hear your thoughts on the subject!

  2. Carolsue  

    I agree with this, just like I think that taking toys out of Happy Meals isn’t going to make kids stop eating them! Dumb.
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  3. Amy B  

    I completely agree. I wish that I had had a nutrition course in school (and now wish it for my children) to help make all those numbers more meaningful. I look at labels all the time with my children – but it’s still hard for them to connect the meaning as to why eating so many cookies is bad for you!